Funky Chunks Soap Co.

Brick, NJ 08724

Contact: Michele Rosta
Phone: 732-965-2575
Fax: 7326822530

Our Philosophy

No more boring showers!

Funky Chunks soaps are as unique as you are.

Bright, bold and fragrant, these are not your mama’s soaps. (sorry, mom!)

You’ll experience vibrant fragrances and BIG bubble lather that will kick your boring showers in the tuchus!

If cookie cutter and mainstream isn’t your thing…then welcome to Funky Chunks. We’re glad to meet you!

The Product

Make Your Skin Happy!

Can your skin feel happiness? Absolutely! Funky Chunks soaps are loaded with ingredients to make your skin happy.

Pure Olive Oil, Nourishing Coconut Oil and Vitamin Rich Palm Oil (sustainably sourced of course) and loads of naturally occurring glycerin (that’s the really good stuff!)

I think we can hear your skin singing in happiness from here! (Really, how cool would it be if your skin could sing?!)

Our soaps are made in small batches (we like to call ourselves micro-saponifiers) using a recipe that has been handed down for generations in our family. You know that old saying..."if it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

The History

Funky Chunks was born in 2008.

We started the company out of a strong desire for quality soaps that weren’t like everything else on the market.

We were bored stiff with our choices when we went shopping. We knew if we felt this way; then there were other people who did too.

So we started making uniquely fragrant soaps in our small apartment kitchen and selling them locally.

The response and feedback was amazing!

Our little soap company began to grow and we were able to bring our soaps to fans nationwide. (they are fiercely loyal and we affectionately call them Funky Junkies!)

In 2010 Funky Chunks moved to its current location; a 1,000 square foot production facility in Brick, NJ.