Inexplicable Things

Shreveport, LA 71033

Contact: Shawmarie & Kelly Jeffery
Phone: 318-470-1885



Family owned and operated full service Bayou Witchery and Southern Folk Magick botancia.

We specialize in 100% handcrafted soy candles - which we call 'Conjure-in-a-Can'. We also pour special conjure candles for a variety of needs!

If you find yourself in need of spiritual protection or justice from the law, we got an 100% organic oil for that! You need a little courage to get through that business presentation or something to Hot Foot your nasty neighbors into moving away? Cher bebe, we got a blow powder for that! Need a cute little soap that boosts the flirty side of life with your significant other? We got a soap or bathbomb for that!

We make authentic Louisiana Gris Gris and mojo bags. And, we offer a full range of custom workings for those unable to get their conjure on!

We do everything from money-drawing and prosperity services to Love and Romance. Miss Sha' will help get rid of any hex or negative energies and bad luck that you may have picked up with one of her amazing 21-day spiritual cleansings! Mr. Kelly provides spiritual consultation services through the eyes of a Warrior Shaman.

Don't be afraid to pop in and see if we can help you today! Stay calm and Conjure On!