Herban, Inc.

Silver Lake, CA

Contact: Dana Miller
Phone: 818-692-8728
Website: http://www.herban.net

HerbanĀ® creator and designer, Dana Sue Miller is proud to introduce her organic body care line. Herban, Inc was inspired by stories that Dana heard from her Mother about her Grandmother's famous handmade soaps. At first used just by their immediate family, the popularity of her sensational soaps grew, and soon the extended family was using them...and then the entire neighborhood followed!

The formulations Dana Sue uses are based on her Grandmother's philosophy of using natural, body-nurturing botanical components which possess healing properties and promote a feeling of rejuvenation for all skin types.

Today's consumers demand simple formulations with fewer chemicals and more natural properties from body care companies. HerbanĀ® meets this demand by combining herbs, herbal extracts and natural bases to create potent, effective products that appeal to the senses and nourish the body gently and naturally.