Cape of Good Soap

402, Varun 2A,
Raheja Township, Malad East

Contact: +919004955557
Phone: 9004955557

Nature is within us. While we get cradled by the nature surrounding us, we often forget that the perfect harmony is created when the nature within us & outside us coexist in its pristine balance. To create this Zen, its imperative that we remain in complete connection with nature.
C.O.G.S. Soaps are enriched with products that are organic & so pure that they can be used safely on your skin every single time you use it. They just dont do the job of cleansing but also work as a healthy potion while providing a nourishing treat. Notice a visible difference in your skin with everyday use.
Each soap bar is carefully handcrafted with ingredients ranging from natural farm produce to herbs handpicked from across the world.
Go ahead, Indulge in Natural Goodness & bring in the change in you. Afterall, Change too, is in us.