Soap And Cotton

141 Loudon Road
Pittsfield, NH 03263

Contact: Angela Shonyo
Phone: 6034356265

All of my soaps are made using the cold process method and are hand made, hand poured, and hand cut, in my home. All of the ingredients I use in the soap, come from natural plant-based sources and local family owned farms. I don't use artificial dyes, synthetic fragrances, preservatives, or detergents in any of my soaps. I use natural essential oils to scent the soaps, and let the herbs, spices and nourishing extras give the soaps their natural colors.

My washcloths are made using 100% USA cotton. They are soft, absorbent and have many uses! Whether used in the bath or for dish cleaning, these will last a long time.

I hope you will love the way my products make you feel. Keep your skin healthy, beautiful, and functioning at its best!

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