Hazel Fern Scents

Bryan, TX 77803

Contact: Johna Gibson Bowman
Website: http://www.hazelfernscents.com

An Optical and Olfactory Banquet.

Hazel Fern Scents is a part of The Art of Johna Gibson Bowman - Hoot's Gallery and came to life when I began making candles, wax melts, and soap for family and friends more than ten years ago. At first it was a hobby driven by my desire to make and give gifts that were evocative of nostalgic joyful memories. One of my first scents was Helen's Kitchen - a spiced apple pie and cream fragrance inspired by my aunt's descriptions of my grandmother's apple pies. As demand for the wax products and soap grew, I expanded the line to include artisan perfumes, incense, & lip balm.

I think of a lot of my scents as Victorian Boho and Edwardian in nature. Capturing the essence of a time, memory, or person is a huge motivation in my work. Scent is my primary memory trigger and I can be transported to many places in time simply by catching the faintest wisp of fragrance. Most of my fragrances are blended with this in mind and I try to capture the essence of memory or time in wax or oil. For instance, my fragrance December takes me back to the Christmases of my childhood. I would lay beneath the Christmas tree and inhale the fragrance my mom's vintage scented sachet ornaments.

In 2011 when I purchased a shop at the Michigan Renaissance Festival, Hazel Fern grew by leaps and bounds. Since then I have released several hand-blended perfume oils, incense, lip balm, and continue to mix and create every day.

Thank you!