Zanabella Plant Based Skincare by Valoree & Co.

Lemoyne, PA

Contact: Valoree
Phone: 717-827-3522

About Valoree (Creator of Zanabella Plant Based Skincare)
During Valoree's academic years of study, she focused her research on chemicals and other harmful toxins found in everyday household products like cosmetics and toiletries. She was astounded to find a significant amount of proven scientific data on the harmful effects common chemicals and chemical combinations can have on humans, wildlife and the environment. Because of her strong desire to only use natural products on her skin; Valoree began creating her own products with food grade ingredients. In 2011, she started Valoree & Company.
Valoree began with a philosophy of making each product naturally healthy for your skin while respecting Mother Nature and continues to maintain this philosophy today.

Reduce. Re-Use. Recycle.
Most of the plastic containers Valoree & Company use are made with PET plastics. PET plastics are the number one recycled and recyclable material here in the US! Almost all recycling plants in the USA accept PET (recycle number 1). Countless new products are able to be made from recycled PET Plastics including park benches, playground equipment, homes and picnic tables!
All of the glass containers are washable, re-useable & recyclable as well!

Plant Based and Cruelty Free
Our entire selection of products are vegan and plant based. We strive for freshness so many of our products are made to order. All are free of unnecessary additives, chemicals and preservatives. They are also free of dyes, parabens, petroleum, mineral oil, fillers and animal by-products.
Just as what you put in your body should be fresh, so should what you put on your body.

Our Web Host
iPage is Earth-friendly. To off-set energy consumption, they purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). The servers, data centers, and offices that help support Zanabella’s website are solely powered by Wind Energy!

Thank you, sincerely, for your interest in Zanabella Plant Based Skincare by Valoree & Co!
Made in Pennsylvania USA
Manufactured by Valoree & Co.