Heaven's Dew Soap

1122 Seneca St SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49509

Contact: Joshua Lopez
Phone: 6162409325
Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/HeavensDewSoap?ref=shop_sugg

"I just want a bar of soap"

That was the sentence that started it all. The wife and I were checking out pictures of different absolutely amazing looking artisan soap on Etsy, Google Images and Pinterest one evening. I had made quite a few soap batches myself by that point for family and friends and was wondering what else was out there in the soap making realm. We saw so many bars that were far too beautiful to actually use! On the other end of the spectrum we found plain unscented bar soap for $8 to $10 a bar. I'm just someone who enjoys making soap for people who want good detergent-free soap, without having to pay Lush brand prices, because after all... I just want a bar of soap. Find us on Etsy and Facebook!