Moonlight Radiance Artisan Market

510 Northwood Road
West Palm Beach, FL 33407

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Moonlight Radiance Artisan Soaps Market is me ......Eyra Caldera, a Soap Artist. I am the artisan, formulator, proprietor, designer, photographer, marketing department and customer care. I am also the cleaning lady and if you come visit my shop (enter heavy Latin accent), located @ Northwood Village 510 Northwood Road, West Palm Beach, FL I can also make you great Nicaraguan coffee. If you are in the area, I have an open door policy; no appointments, no call ahead, only good old fashioned stop by.

I create all soap formulas from the ground up, as some call it (from scratch). I also create wonderful candles and many bath and body treats; yes, I call them "treats" because that is what they are. They're just little luxuries that you may not really need, but they mean the world to you when you treat yourself to one. Everyone deserves a little luxury in their life, especially if your skin will love you for it. I design products that are unique and cannot be found anywhere else on the market. I also design all types of custom celebration souvenirs for Weddings, Birthdays, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Baptisms, Proms, Night Clubs, Restaurants and much more.....Handmade soaps and candles make excellent favors for all occasions, especially because you can completely customize them making your gift unique and exciting present that will be remembered forever.

Soap Artistry is my passion. I grew up during the civil war in Nicaragua at a Christian boarding school. It was there that I discovered my passion for crafting, orchid growing, and many more things. After my time at the boarding school, my grandmother took me in and taught me how to make her very own garlic soap formula. Yes, garlic! During that time, people had to make their own soap out of necessity because not much was available. We had no other choice due to the embargo and war... but, back to the garlic soap! Garlic soap was made to treat bacterial skin infections and, until today is still being used for that purpose with great results (no I do not make garlic soaps anymore).

In 2009, during my two year stay in Seattle, Washington, I learned that soap making did not only have to be out of necessity. I discovered the amazing art of soap designs. I thought to myself......."what is better than making a product that has form and function with my very hands" AND it has been around for thousands of years! At some point during the industrial revolution, real soap was lost. Nowadays, I make it a top priority to educate people about the meaning and the function of "real soap". I began developing and experimenting soap formulations to accommodate my family's skin care needs.

Good quality soap is a result of three factors. First, the selection of "quality" oils. Oils need to be fresh, pure and organic whenever possible. Second, choosing the perfect combination of oils to formulate your soap is key. Different oils bring different properties/qualities to your soap such as bubbles, emollient, drying, conditioning to name a few. Lastly and most important, "curing time" (drying) of the soap. Soap is initially made with liquid, once the soaps has dried, 100% of the water evaporates. Properly dried soap last longer and it gets bubblier and milder with time. My soaps are "aged to perfection". The best things in life cannot be rushed. Please remember not all handmade soaps are created equal.

All of my products are made with wholesome ingredients that are naturally skin loving and nourishing; making them a safe and healthy choice for your entire family. I utilize high quality oils, pure essential oils, micas, vegetable butters, teas, clays and botanicals. Some fragrance oils are used, but I ensure high quality fragrances that are free of dangerous chemicals. Who doesn't love wonderfully fragranced products.

I take pride in "No Animal Testing" and only support suppliers who do the same. I also select ingredients that have been researched thoroughly to ensure their safety and effectiveness. Moonlight Radiance is constantly doing product research throughout the world to find that special miracle natural product. I also utilize mainly "Organic Ingredients" and I strive to minimize transportation carbon foot print to bring you products as Eco-Friendly as possible; not only with our reusable and recyclable packaging but also with our ingredients sourcing. Mainly sourcing local and supporting local growers. I even grow some of the botanicals and fruits I use to make my products, I welcome you to visit my lovely garden.

If you are looking for a "big box discount mart" you are in the wrong place. Moonlight Radiance offers you products that are crafted with premium ingredients and can also be tailored to your specific needs. My products are not mass produced and cannot be duplicated. " Unique and one of a kind as every artisan".