Aquarian Bath

Daytona Beach, FL

Contact: Cory Trusty
Phone: 602-730-AQUA

We make cold processed soaps and shampoo bars, vegan, no palm oil, no synthetic fragrances or dyes. Our shampoo bars are our top selling products. Unlike many shampoo bars, Aquarian Bath shampoo bars are formulated to work well with hard water and in most cases without the use of a diluted vinegar rinse. Our Plastic-free products also include deodorant, lip balm, shea butter. We also make Organic cotton flaxseed neck and eye pillows. And zero waste soap savers made from hemp-organic cotton blend terry fabric.

Aquarian Bath is among the top 50th bath and body shops on Etsy. Our products have been featured in the book Plastic Free by Beth Terry, and Tree Hugger. We are located in Central Florida. Our website is self hosted on a solar powered server that runs on only 3 Watts of power. We ship with plastic free tape and shipping materials.

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