Nature n U

Pittsburgh, PA

Contact: Ganga Sajith



Nature n U has one simple mission: Scientifically explore natural ingredients to make healthy and safe products for consumers.

Ingredients, Ingredients, Ingredients:

Yes. Ingredients matter. Our tagline says it all: Always Read Ingredients First.

For our food products we use only those ingredients you pronounce and use in your own kitchen.

Our soaps, cosmetics and cleaning products are all made of natural ingredients.

Every product of Nature n U is scientifically designed with profound understanding of natural ingredients.

It is what it is:

When we say cantaloupe we mean cantaloupe. For us cantaloupe is a melon that nature produces, not some chemical derivative.

You will never find any fancy chemical in our products.

Nature n U firmly believes that nature has everything to help human beings live a healthy life.

Nature n U is well aware that life on this planet happens naturally. We are all children of nature and nature has everything to sustain a healthy and prosperous life on this planet.

It is our commitment to our customers that we at Nature n U will always strive to make products using natural and healthy ingredients.

We urge consumers to “Always Read Ingredients First”.

Our Products:

All Natural Vegan Plant-Based Gentle Foaming Hand Soaps

All Natural Vegan Plant-Based Hand Soap/Body Soap

All Natural Vegan Plant-Based Metal Polish to shine drinkware and kitchenware

All Natural Vegan Plant-Based Yogic Science-Based Handmade Soaps

All Natural Vegan Plant-Based Yogic Science-Based Deep Skin Cleanser