Soap Farm

2503D N Harrison Street
Arlington, VA 22207

Contact: Vanessa Cochran
Phone: 9179038199

In a nutshell, accomplished news and video editor turns to an artisanal craft for creative outlet. It becomes an obsession....Around the time of the surge of the world wide web, Vanessa, a video media professional, began experimenting with natural soap making. She made soap batches at night, after work and on the weekends. She studied the craft from books, joined the national guild of soap crafters and even traveled to exotic places just to buy soap. In 2001, after a long day at work in the Big Apple she thought about starting a soap company. Reflecting on her family’s agricultural roots and the city skyline, she dreamt of a soap farm; a place where everyone could buy all natural soap and body products online. Soap Farm was formally established out of the events of 9/11 and incorporated in 2009.