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San Diego, CA 92020

Contact: Cindy Christ
Phone: 619.249.1064



Our handcrafted herbal and aromatic soaps, pure essential oils, and botanical treasures indulge you in the experience and benefits of authentic plant therapy, by nourishing your body, mind, and spirit with luxurious self-care rituals. Our soaps and cosmetics are formulated by a certified soapmaker, aromatherapist, and holistic herbalist. We practice the art, science, and Aromatic Alchemy (TM) of distillation and produce quality, authentic hydrosols and essential oils used in our outstanding, natural skincare products. We carefully source a large selection of essential oils from around the world direct from distillers for our beautiful, aromatherapy custom blending bar. The botanicals in our crafted traditions are grown locally, organically, and sourced from ethical wilde-crafters and honest suppliers. Experience our authentic phytotherapy and holistic lifestyle at Following Seasons Botanicals ...Naturally Fine Things (TM)

We offer Instruction in the art and science of soapmaking, aromatherapy, distillation, and botanical formulation. We are also qualified to offer proctor testing for the HSCG Certification Exam.

For our Wholesale clients we stock a beautiful and extraordinary line of handcrafted soaps, botanical perfumes, and organic skincare. As a qualified aromatherapist we can create your personal custom formulations. 

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