Rebel Ridge Soaps

PO Box 415
Hardisty, AB T0B1V0 Canada

Contact: Andrea deSain
Phone: 7809024286



What is Rebel Ridge Soaps?
Rebel Ridge Soaps is a home based business based out of Hardisty, Alberta, Canada that makes several different bath products but specializes in handmade artisan soaps.

How did Rebel Ridge Soaps get started?
In 2014 I decided to live in the country. I moved to an area that barely gets phone reception and no internet or cable  providers will service the area. I thought this was great because it meant more time to be outside (which was one of the main reasons for moving). Everything was great until winter hit and we had our first dump of snow. I was stuck in the house trying to find new things to keep us busy. That's when I started dabbling with making bath products. The more I dabbled, the more my passion grew. Since then I've changed careers, moved to a small town and I have a room dedicated for nothing but soap. Many things may have changed but my passion for soapcrafting has only grown stronger.

Where does Rebel Ridge Soaps get their ingredients?
I buy most of the ingredients from local businesses to help support our local economy. The herbs/spices, clays, and essential oils I get from a local health food store. The beeswax and honey I get from a local apiary. The oils, butters, and other colorants I get from a local soap making supplier.

Why soap?
Soapcrafting allows the opportunity for the creator to blend together art and science. Recipes need to be carefully followed to get a successful batch of soap but there's so many different techniques to make each bar unique.