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We could claim our products are all organic, yet doing so would be dishonest.  We source as much as we can from organic, eco-friendly and free-trade sources. However, it’s not always possible. So rather than making empty promises, we focus on finding the healthiest options from the trustworthy sources.

Our Beginning

It was 2004, and we lived in Bella Coola, British Columbia. A soap maker there encouraged me to try making my own plant-based soap. No tallow or lard. Just oils sourced from plants.

My first batch of vegan soap refused to solidify. So seeking answers on the internet I went. I discovered two life-changing resources— and I learned how to make lotions and develop soap recipes at Majestic Mountain Sage, and how to make hot process soap from

I sold soap and lotion bars in Bella Coola until we returned to the U.S. in 2007. My career went in another direction for a few years. However, I continued making small batches of soap and lotion at the request of friends.

Then 2020 arrived. A webinar sparked the idea of launching my arnica lotion on Amazon. Then I found a reasonably priced THC-free CBD source--Essential Depot.

Now, I have three lotions, a cream and a body polish for sale on this website. I’ll be adding my unique plant-based bar soaps to my website soon.