Lelu Soap Lab

Chula Vista, CA 91910

Contact: Stephanie Alexander
Phone: 1-855-633-0770


Website: https://lelusoaps.com

My name is Stephanie. I first started making handmade soaps in 2008. I was interested in natural products and was inspired by many Bloggers, YouTubers and Naturalists who create their skincare products from natural and skin-friendly ingredients rather than harsh chemicals. The same inspiration eventually became a personal determination to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

At 25 I bought my first handmade soap book by Tatiana Hill. After having such a great experience using my first handmade cold process soap (Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey) I immediately made another batch. I was delighted with the effects of the natural soap on my skin. I loved how smooth, silky, gentle, and bubbly the soap was. I loved how it felt and it made me feel great to know I had made it. I made a third batch, but this time I began passing out bars to family, friends, and acquaintances. I wanted to share my soaps with everyone, and I received great feedback. Soon I started getting inquiries from more people asking for more soaps or samples to try. 

Inspired by the positive response I was enormously encouraged to start my own business. At the core of the product line were these same handmade, all-natural ingredients, never tested on animals, and sustainable soaps that everyone seemed to love so much. My vision was to create natural products that are easy on the skin and help men and women feel good.