Corks and Bubbles Inc.

2 Flowering Vine Lane
Unit, Suite, Apartment, etc. (Optional)
Brampton, ON L6X 5A4 Canada

Contact: Sharon Corcoran
Phone: 14164330419



My company is Corks and Bubbles Inc. I am "one of a kind" Artisan because of the stylistic elements that come through my soap designs. I soap with grace; but at the same time, soap with spunk. I soap with dedication and purpose and sometimes come up with ideas that make you want to R.O.F.L. (Roll on the Floor Laughing). Those ironically have been some of my best creations. I am "one of a kind" because I soap where my head leads me. When I soap I am not just making another batch of soap; my desire is to make you feel great when you use and receive my product. I made a soap in honour of my mom and when I used it for the first time I felt empowered and confident in my body and I cried tears of sadness and joy. Tell me your story and I may one day make a soap in honour of you. With every bar I am sending you good vibes, peace and tranquility and that is why I am "one of a kind". If I won’t use it on my skin it won’t arrive to you in a box with my stamp. I stand behind me and won't compromise the quality of my work for anything.