Alo Goods

2251 N Rainbow Vista Dr.
Unit 2
Tucson, AZ 85712

Contact: Kandra Churchwell
Phone: 7202604386



We offer a wide range of natural and sustainable products including allergin free formulations and custom orders. We're proud to be natural!

Skin Care 

Nourish your skin with natural butters and herbal salves, cleanse with natural soaps, and ease your mind knowing that the ingredients are natural and the packaging is sustainable.

Hair Care

Shampoo | Conditioner | Hair Tea

Handcrafted with natural oils and herbs, the Alō Natural Hair regimen is formulated to cleanse and nourish your hair for truly beautiful locks. 

Oral Care

A natural oral care line to clean, remineralize, and prevent bacterial buildup with a PH balanced approach for a natural mouth.


Join our founder, Kandra on Facebook in The Natural Soap Color Group and share her love for natural colorants in her book The Natural Soap Color Palette.