Normal Soap Company

170 Roberts Road
Athens, GA 30606

Contact: Jessica Cudnik
Phone: 7063630295



This shop has been a creation of the talents of both Jessica Cudnik and business partner Kevin Samples who also has a desire for plant based remedies and holistic healthful living including making soaps that are free from unnecessary chemicals and petroleum byproducts. We are also Athens, GA only certified soap maker and teachers of soap making through the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild.

We love our craft and hand-making these bath and body products for you and your community!

1. What did you major in at college?

Kevin MS in Ecology
Jessica MS in Horticulture
We are both environmentally focused so making a safe and quality product is a natural extension of our passions.

2. How did you begin with Normal Soap Company?

Kevin had made homemade soap before and I wanted to know how, so we made soap as a joint effort ... and I just knew it would make great gifts. Being in grad school I was on a tight budget but knew I could make some nice soap and lip balm gifts. Once we started to make the soaps for gifts people wanted to start buying them and now we are regulars at the Athens Farmers Market, UGArden and have online sales through Etsy! We have loved learning how to make other natural bath products and now we have great botanical hand and muscle salves, bath salts, shave soaps, lip balms, and coming soon are sugar scrubs! We also love to share so we've started teaching Soap Making 101 classes as well.

3. How do you come up with your scents?

We mainly use essential oils and both of us have a background in plants and I've studied Aromatherapy so we think of what we like and what makes a great blend (usually a top, middle, and bottom note) and just start there! We've begun using some high quality fragrance oils as well because some plants/fruits/herbs don't create an essential oil. Getting to play with those has really expanded our ability to make something for all the preferences our customers have!

4. How do you and Kevin split up the tasks of the business?

Kevin is great at designing the packaging and labeling. He has a background working with design programs so that makes sense for him to handle that. I make all of the products at the moment and handle R&D with the new items. . We both handle the finances as well as keeping an eye out for opportunities in the community.  Jessica also teaches the soap making classes with the assistance of Kevin.