Sage & Prim

Martinsville, IL 62442

Contact: April Burns


Website: Http://

Greetings! I’m April, owner and soap artisan at Sage & Prim, a small vegan soap company located in Illinois. I make soap centered around intention - the focus one holds for themselves or the world around them. Using old world techniques and ancient reverence for the natural world around us, I create soap with purpose. Typically Sage & Prim can be found at artisan faires and craft shows around the Midwest, but is now available online!

In addition to soap sales, recently I realized there is a large need for soap and other products in my community - many people are going without. This is unacceptable to me, at all times but ESPECIALLY in a pandemic. So I have decided to open Sage & Prim Mobile Soap Station - an RV full of soap and various other products, that I’ll be handing out free of charge, no questions. I’ll also have a sink and toilet available to the public. Every time you support Sage & Prim, you also send care to the most vulnerable in our communities.

Want vegan-friendly soap and to help ensure I can continue providing to at risk individuals? Visit my shop to make a purchase, or commission me for a custom batch! Links to all of my products, as well as my community efforts, video updates, and more can be found at