Miche Scott Handmade

Honey Brook, PA 19344

Contact: create@michescott.com
Phone: 765 439 0555


Website: https://www.michescott.com

It all begins with a dream and an unshakable conviction that we can choose better. A drive for something more. To create a product provided by nature, an intentional mood board pinned from the art of minimalism to the courageous creatives and everything in between. A wash-off product washing off the stress of the day.

Our ingredients cannot be labelled as organic because they are non-agricultural and are harvested primarily in nature or in the wild. We do not compromise on quality. Our ingredients do not contain toxic pesticides, chemical fertilizers or genetically modified organism. Our small scale suppliers do not have the capacity or economics to certify, however, they still follow the same high standards as organic farming. It is important for Miche Scott Handmade to support small businesses.

Our goal is to be paperless, but we recognize there's no 100% sustainability. Progress versus perfection is our mindful mantra.At the moment, we use paper with an inner PLA lining created from plant-based material. Our mailers are intentionally made from corn.Our packaging cycle aims to minimize the environmental footprint. We also plant a tree for each purchase. 

Miche Scott Handmade represents the ability to have luxurious products with minimal impact on the environment. These are the principles that our company is built on.