The Doe and Fawn Bath Company

35268 Glen Lane
Wildomar, CA 92595

Contact: Danielle Carlson


The Doe & Fawn Bath Co. is a family-run company that offers handmade, artesian soaps and cosmetics while focusing on high-quality, premium ingredients, using sustainable business practices, and being 100% cruelty-free. We are certified cruelty-free with Leaping Bunny.

Danielle Carlson, the primary soap maker, is educated and certified in creating soaps and cosmetics.

We are committed to producing the highest quality of products that are safe for you and good for the environment. We use only the highest quality ingredients in our products, and we pack premium ingredients into each product. Every product is carefully formulated to be safe, effective, and environmentally friendly. 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

We are committed to maintaining a green company that aligns with our values. Sustainable is our standard. This ranges from using biodegradable shrink wrap and glitter to recyclable containers and recycled paper. We have certified at the platinum level with the Green Business Bureau, and we continue to use them as a resource to help improve our sustainability.

Our company also values charity. We donate 5% of every sale to The Beagle Freedom Project to help fight to end animal testing in laboratories, and we donate supplies to our local homeless shelter and homeless outreach programs that are asking for supplies.

From Danielle: "Products kept hurting me, and it made me avoid cosmetics in general. Soaps were drying my hands out to the point of pain, I couldn't wear makeup anymore because my eyes would hurt so bad, face products made me break out, hair products were taking the curls out of my hair, and the list goes on. I wanted to enjoy products that I knew were made with premium ingredients but also formulated with the customer in the forefront of their mind. I figured that there were other people out there like me, looking for a company that made premium products that I could trust to put me first and not the dollar. That's why I set out with my husband to create a family-run company that reflects our values, not just in our products, but also in our business practices."