15316 S. 2nd Street
P.O. Box 186
Bennington, NE 68007

Contact: Janet Olson-Finken
Phone: 402-305-7350
Fax: 402-238-2589



Prairie Barn makes natural handmade soap in the purest tradition of soap
making. All of our soaps are individually handmade, hand cut and packaged
by hand with respect to our earth and its creatures. Our goal is to make only
the finest natural soaps using top-quality oils and ingredients.

Our soaps contain over 50% olive oil which makes our soap an excellent
choice for most skin types especially sensitive, dry skins.

These oils have been selected for their specific properties acknowledged since
ancient times. By combining these marvelous oils with an infinitely rich soap
compound, Prairie Barn brings you a selection of natural handmade soaps with
soft flower, herbal, fruit, and earthly fragrances.