Tygerheart Fine Soaps

PO Box 208
Lyman, SC 29365

Contact: Carol Isler
Website: http://tygerheart.com

Carol Isler, a retired high school chemistry teacher, first got interested in making soap from scratch as a girl listening to the description of the process from her grandmother and great aunts. As a young mother, she witnessed an authentic soap making demonstration while on vacation in the Great Smokey Mountains, which rekindled the interest. She researched the process back before the internet was widely available to schools and developed a soap making lab for her chemistry students. At the time, she could only find one book on the subject, Ann Bramson's Soap: Making It Enjoying It. Soon her creations developed a local following and she started Tygerheart in 2001. Clients with sensitive skin issues depend on Carol's traditional formulations to serve their bath and body needs. Ever the educator, she is dedicated to teaching interested individuals soap making and formulating skills in a hands-on workshop setting.