Erwin Soap Company

113 Elm Street
Hope, AR 71801

Contact: LuGene or Bob Erwin
Phone: 870-703-2916



Erwin Soap Company soaps are made with pure, natural, and high quality ingredients to ensure a long-lasting, mild, and richly lathering bar of soap.

We make our soap in small (12 pound) batches. We do cold process (CP)soap making as well as cold process/oven process (CPOP) soapmaking.

The cold process soap making is done at low temperatures, and cures a minimum of 4 weeks � most are cured six weeks. The CPOP (cold process oven process) starts the same as cold process, we just hurry the saponification and curing process by placing the molds in the oven at a low temperature for two hours to allow the excess water to start evaporating from the bars. CPOP bars cure 1-2 weeks.

Each bar of soap is then hand wrapped on recycled paper that we created and printed on our computer.

Special Requests: Are you interested in a fragrance that you did not see listed? There are no limits to the fragrance combinations. Just give us a call, email, or visit the website. We are more than willing to work with you individually to manufacture a soap to your specifications. Special sizes for party or wedding favors are also available.