Batty's Bath

London, ON Canada

Contact: Jamie (aka Batty)



Batty's Bath is a
botanical-based skin care & soap company based in London, Ontario, Canada.

Think of
Batty as your new natural skin care counselor, flower power alchemist, and
sudsy sorceress. She helps people clear their acne, soothe their sensitive
skin, fade their rosacea, hydrate their eczema, and tame problem skin
- All
with natural, handmade, certified cruelty-free products & resources. 

Jamie Sabot (aka Batty) crafts every single Battys Bath product by
hand in her two-room laboratory, using planet-friendly, people-friendly &
animal-friendly ingredients
— and fresh
herbs, grown with love in her very own garden.

Battys Bath specializes
in 100% organic & vegan skin care kits for men, women & teens dealing
with acne, rosacea, eczema, sun damage & premature aging. Each product is
packaged with The Batty
s Bath-ifesto: a whimsical manifesto to inspire hope &

Scrub gently.
Love deeply. Be Batty.

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