Northern Lite Natural Organics

450 SE Lacreole Dr., #27
Dallas, OR 97338

Contact: Denise Beach
Phone: 907-299-3136
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The saying goes "necessity is the mother of invention".  After being diagnosed with Auto Immune Disease in 1993, what began as a problem grew into a solution and blossomed into a business. It's quite common these days to hear someone say they are chemical sensitive but for me, it was trips to the ER, unable to breath, of feel my extremities.  Sever multi chemical sensitivity is one of the many aspects of my disease and meant I couldn't use everyday things either on my body or even to clean my home, dishes or clothes.  I had no choice but to figure out how to make things to replace products around my home for myself and that's just what I did on a wing and a prayer.  The internet was still new then and there wasn't information available like there is around every corner now, but we just dove in and in the end, we knew there had to be others who were extremely sensitive to chemicals and suffered because of it too, so it became our goal to create soaps and body products without chemicals for others.  We are organic & for the most part, vegan.  Nothing is repackaged, we don't use bases, everything we offer is handmade the old fashioned way, from scratch, packaged and labeled by us. We create our own unique scents throughout our products with few exceptions. Wild crafting is a passion and living here in Alaska, there's an abundance of untouched "nature" at our disposal. We utilize all that is available to us, incorporating it into our products whenever possible and what we can't find wild crafting, we purchase organic. We offer a wide array of soaps, lotions, creams, balms and oils, using deeply penetrating, moisturizing oils and butters designed to stimulate the senses and nourish the skin. We care about what goes on the largest organ of your body - your skin!