Cricket Cove Soap Co.

11616 Coachman's Carriage Place
Glen Allen, VA 23059

Contact: Britt Hayes
Phone: 804.442.8632



Cricket Cove Soap Co.'s soaps are handmade soaps created in small batches using a variety of high quality natural oils, butters, and pure essential oils or fragrance oils. I make all of my soap from scratch meaning I do not use any form of pre-manufactured base. In this cold-process method, I blend the carefully chosen oils and butters with distilled water by using sodium hydroxide (lye). After bringing this mixture to a trace, essential oils or fragrance oils are added and it is poured into loaf molds. After 24 to 48 hours, it is unmolded and carefully hand cut. The soap then cures for four to six weeks.

Why Handmade Soap?
The skin will absorb what is directly applied to it into our bodies. Handmade soaps with essential oils are pure and natural and all of the ingredients are grown right under the sun, not a lab.

To extend the life of your handmade soap, store your bar out of the reach of water between uses. A draining soap dish is ideal.
No animal testing - just willing friend and family testing!