Soapy Soap Company

2786 E. Bressingham Way
Bloomington, IN 47401-4169

Contact: Anthony or Mohammed
Phone: (812) 269-8812
Fax: (800) 391-8457

Soapy Soap Company is a local handcrafted soap manufacturing business located in Bloomington, Indiana. We are young entrepreneurs who made a few batches of soap for fun, and we just couldn't stop! We are dedicated to providing our community with high-quality soaps, and strive to be innovators in the soapmaking field. We want to learn everything we can about soapmaking, so we are a proud member of the Soapmaker's Guild.

Soapy Soap Company developed a brand of soaps called Sābūn (pronounced sah-boon). It's the Urdu/Hindi language word for "soap". Ingenious, don't you think?