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Jennifer has been making soap since the Fall of 2009. She fell into it by accident, but once she made her first batch of soap she found she couldn’t stop. Jennifer continues to study her craft and experiment with new designs. Her goal is to make great bars of soap and bath products that are also visually fun. She started teaching classes to others in 2012 and has loved imparting knowledge to others and inspiring them to take the steps to make their own first batches.

Information can be found on her website: Jennifer has passed her Basic and Advance CP/HP and MP Certification test.

In-Person Classes

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Intro to Old Fashion Shaving Soap

6:30 PM - Acton Boxborough Community Ed, Acton, MA

Lather is king! Learn to make soap with amazing “latherability” that cushions and protects the skin all while giving you a close smooth shave!  This class will walk you through the steps to making a high quality shaving soap using dual lyes.  We will go over soap making safety, equipment, supplies, and then students will make a batch of hot process shaving soap to go home with.  A complete set of handouts will be provided.  It is recommended that you have some experience making Cold Process or Hot Process soap before, but is not required.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Intro to CP Soap Making

6:30 PM - Littleton Parks and Rec, Littleton, MA

Introduction to Cold Process Soap Making: Class covers equipment needed, safety, recipes, and instruction on ingredients (oils/butters). Class includes a comprehensive set of handouts for students. Each student will make their own 1 lb batch of soap and go home with it.

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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Advanced CP Soap Making

11 AM - Boston, MA, MA

So, you’ve made a batch or two of soap. You’re comfortable with mixing the lye, measuring the oils, adding color and using fragrances and essential oils. Now you want to take the next step and learn some design techniques! Jennifer will go over the following: Advance coloring, using embeds, creating layers, mica stamping, and swirling. Handouts will be provided for each technique. As a class students will make a layered soap with embeds, an in the pot siwrl, mica top, and practice stamping techniques. Students must understand the basics and have made soap before or have taken Jennifer’s Intro to CP Soap Making. Jennifer will not go over the basics, but jump right in to making soap.

Held at the Boston Center for Adult Education in Boston, MA. 

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