Apothecary Muse

Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Contact: Eryn Hughes
Phone: (412)345-3502
Website: http://www.apothecarymuse.com

Eryn offers visual and hands-on workshops in natural soapmaking processes, including herbal infusions and aromatherapy blending basics, per her training.  Clients include families, workplaces, conferences and schools as independence-building exercises.  

Current listings of public workshops are listed on Facebook

In-Person Classes

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Soapbox Tuesday: Natural Soapmaking with Apothecary Muse

6:30pm - Workshop DIY Pgh 5135 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA

Tue 9/25, Pittsburgh Producers Series: Natural Soapmaking with Apothecary Muse, 6:30-9:00pm

*Advance Registration Required*

Pittsburgh Producers Series: Natural Soapmaking with Apothecary Muse
Pittsburgh is loaded with talented makers and a few rise to the top as excellent producers of goods, with amazing products, a pure love for what they do and make with love for what they do. As part of our new Pittsburgh Producers Series, we highlight some of the makers to share the basics with you on making a great product that they love. Apothecary Muse will host a hands-on class blending science and art for the local soap enthusiast. Students will use all natural materials, learn safe handling practices, the basics of plant chemistry and fatty acid profiles. You will learn about natural scents, all the supplies, where to order and resources as you delve into soap making. Different techniques and blending processes will be covered in subsequent classes, so students may opt to register for repeat classes or just take just one. They will take home a small batch of the custom soap they made with instructions for cutting into atleast 4 bars at home. 

Students should come prepared to work in a laboratory setting wearing long sleeves, pants, and closed toe shoes. Goggles, gloves and aprons will be provided.

Bio and Link: Artist, feminist, cycling coach and advocate, Eryn Hughes brings her worlds together with products sourced with sustainably harvested herbs, essential oils and packaging, providing athlete-tested and specialized Adventure Skincare to meet the unique needs of adventurers with the environment in mind. Using a background sports nutrition, wilderness medicine, herbalism and aromatherapy, the products are formulated with an emphasis on low impact and efficacy, determined to share these practices with new soapmakers as a certified soap making teacher. http://www.apothecarymuse.com/

The rules: Classes are for adults only, unless you email in to request permission. To cancel, move or change classes we do require a 72 hour cancellation or change in order to get a refund or move classes. Once past the 72 hour point, we have already locked in your space with the Teacher and supplies, which will be paid out to the Teacher no matter what. If you are using a gift certificate, or have any concerns, email us at workshoppghdiy@gmail.com, thanks! All classes take place at Workshop PGH at 5135 Penn Avenue in Garfield. Parking is metered until 6pm and is free on Sundays. For open parking, we recommend Coral St, Evaline St. or Winebiddle St. nearby. Feel free to BYO snacks and refreshments.

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