Apothecary Muse

Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Contact: Eryn Hughes
Phone: (412)345-3502


Website: http://www.apothecarymuse.com

Eryn offers visual and hands-on workshops in natural soapmaking processes, including herbal infusions and aromatherapy blending basics, per her training.  Clients include families, workplaces, conferences and schools as independence-building exercises.  

Current listings of public workshops are listed on Facebook

In-Person Classes

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Soapbox Tuesday - Soapmaking DESIGNS Class

7:00pm-9:00pm - Apothecary Muse Studio 6732 Reynolds St. (Gettysburg entrance), Pittsburgh, PA

Learn the basics of soapmaking in a fully-equipped, professional soapmaking facility! Apothecary Muse will host a hands-on class blending science and art for the local soap enthusiast. Students will use all natural materials, learn safe handling practices, and the basics of plant chemistry.

No experience required. All materials and equipment provided by Apothecary Muse, students will take home a small batch of the soap they made with instructions for cutting into bars at home. Please register for the date of the class you prefer taking, so that materials and equipment will be ready upon arrival. If you want to shop from the retail section or purchase supplies, there are open office hours 3-6pm prior to class. Number of participants is limited so early registration is strongly recommended. 

*Different techniques and blending processes will be covered in subsequent classes, so students may opt to register for repeat classes or just basic soapmaking. This course is a good introduction for more advanced levels of soapmaking, but is not a substitute for professional licensing for commercial production.

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