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All of our individual or group classes are hands-on and you will go home with your finished products. We offer basic soap making classes in the cold process or melt and pour method. All classes include the materials and you will go home with your finished product of soap. Our aromatherapy classes focus on safe usage of essential oils, methods for application and blending. We offer many themed classes such as allergy relief, meditation, aphrodisiacs, holiday themes, natural cleaning, pain relief, stress relief, etc. In each class you will use essential oils to create custom blends. Blends are in a spray, oil, inhaler, bath tea or salt.

In-Person Classes

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Soap Making With Essential Oils

4:30PM - Atlanta Aromatherapy 101 Meadow Dr Suite D, Cumming, GA

Join Jana Rife, an aromatherapist and HSCG Certified Soap making Instructor for a soap making session using essential oils. 
In this class you will learn how to make cold process soap using plant oils, lye water and essential oils. You will make and take home your very own 3lb batch of handmade soap. 
The cost includes the class and materials needed to make your batch of soap.
You will learn safe practices when working with lye and essential oils, how to make soap at home, and the materials needed to do so.

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