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Like you, I have a passion for making natural products. I also love teaching & sharing what I know with other Makers. I started teaching in 2001 & opened The Nova Studio in Point Richmond in 2003. We held classes there until 2015. Now, I live in Ohio & our classes are predominantly online... so you can learn from anywhere!

The Nova Studio currently offers many opportunities for you to learn from home - like eClasses, Class HandoutseBooks & eZines by many talented teachers. We also have a helpful Blog with free tutorials, tips & tricks, recommended suppliers, exclusive discounts and more to help your business grow & thrive. 

One of my favorite things is helping Makers get farther in their businesses. Whether it's troubleshooting, product formulating, or help with teaching classes, if you tell me what you need I can let you know if I'm a good fit for the job (if I'm not, I'll refer you to someone I know who can help you). We can accomplish a lot in just a few hours (through video or phone consults). If you're near Dayton, OH, I also do private lessons. Connect with me at

Online Classes - Available Anytime

Video eClass: Making Lotions & Creams from Scratch

Have you wondered if you can successfully make lotions & creams from scratch? Making your own lotions & creams is easier than you think – especially when you start with clear instructions & tested recipes.

Learn from a pro how to DIY it the right way & control the ingredients that go onto your skin. Once you try Lori’s tried & true recipes for a skin-softening Light Body Lotion (perfect for summer, all over the body) & a rich Shea Butter Cream (great for winter, dry skin, elbows, hands & feet), you’ll never buy anything else.

This eClass includes 4 videos to watch as often as you like, and printable PDF Class Handouts with clearly written instructions, recipe details & more.

Just Added! Bonus Recipe & Demo Video #4: Nourishing Murumuru Lotion

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Video eClass: Making All-Natural Perfumes (Roll-ons, Sprays, & Solids)

Perfume making is my second favorite product to make (second only to Cold Process Soapmaking). The knowledge I’ve gained through making perfumes these past 2 decades has improved the complexity & longevity of the scent blends in my soap & other natural bath & body products like scrubs, body butters, & more.

This eClass includes a 2.5 hour video (instant & unlimited access) as well as a printable, detailed Class Handout that has all my instructions, recipes/blends & more helpful info. I am thrilled to be sharing my knowledge & passion for this super fun topic with you!

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Video eClass: Make Money Teaching Classes

How awesome would it feel to get paid to share your passion with others? Do you make handmade products for your friends & family? If so, teaching classes can be a really fun way to finance your hobby & make extra money. For crafters, artists, & makers who already own a business, teaching classes can be a rewarding way to increase profits, generate interest in your brand, & help establish you as an expert in your field. Read more at the link below.

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Video eClass: Fizzy Bath Bombs & Shower Steamers (7 Demo Videos + Class Handouts)

In my 18+ years of making & teaching Bath Fizzies, I've learned a lot. This eClass comes with 7 Demo Videos & Printable Class Handouts (my 55-page Fizzy eBook)... is the most extensive in my collection! It's super organized & easy to follow, with a hyperlinked Table of Contents to find topics quickly.

My goal in offering this Fizzies eClass is to share as much info & insight as I can about making Fizzies, to help you become an expert & make more successful batches. I don't believe in a “perfect recipe” for making Bath Fizzies. No one recipe will work for everyone, every time, in every season & every location. (This is very unlike making CP Soap or handmade Lotions & Creams.)

That said... once you to understand all the potential ingredients & influencing factors… all that YOU can control, I know you’ll be formulating your own recipes & creating unique tub-time treats in no time.

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Video eClass: Making All Natural Body Butters (7 Demo Videos + Class Handouts)

In this eClass you’ll get my tested recipes, detailed instructions, & full demos for 3 types of body butters. You have permission use my recipes “as is” to make the exact same products I do (for personal use OR to sell). Of course, you’ll also learn how to customize them to suit your needs or just to be creative.

~ Perhaps you’ve tried making Body Butters using online recipes & they haven’t quite come out right?
~ Don’t waste valuable time trying dozens of recipes just to find one that works, without fail.
~ Don’t waste your hard earned money buying a bunch of ingredients you probably don’t need.
~ I’m sharing all that I’ve learned about making Body Butters so you can be successful in making them too!

I’ve been making (and teaching) body butters for nearly 2 decades! If you value specific detailed information from a trusted source, I’m your girl. I’ll show you the methods & equipment I use and provide tested recipes that will shorten the time from your first batch to your favorite batch.

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By Appointment

Private Lessons in OHIO

- At an agreed upon location near Dayton, Ohio, Beavercreek, OH

Are you the type of person who appreciates hands-on learning, and learns best by doing, but wants a trusted guide by your side? I would love to be that person for you and share all that I know & love about making all types of soap and natural bath & body products. My minimum for in-person lessons is 3 hours, but we can do more time if you're coming from farther away & want to cover more products or techniques in a day. Let me know what your ideal private lesson is by writing to:  - or give me a call at 510-234-5700 and we can design it together! 

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