HSCG Teacher Program

The HSCG has a Teacher Program to assist qualified Teachers to make themselves and their classes known to potential students. The program is designed to allow website visitors to find a teacher or find classes to learn about making soap, cosmetics and other product. Both listings are by state (within the US) or country (outside the US) so potential students can find someone nearby when possible.

Both members and non-members will be able to search for Teachers and Classes but only HSCG Members may become recognized as Teachers and be listed on the website.

Members and non-members may also opt to receive the monthly eNews listing upcoming classes.

Teacher Program Benefits

  • Special Teacher Symbol in the Find Soap and Cosmetic Handcrafters online listing (for Handcrafter Members) or the Where to Buy page (for Vendor Members).
  • Inclusion in HSCG Teacher Directory on HSCG Website, with a picture
  • Special HSCG Teacher Logo for use online and in print (while a member)
  • Post classes offered in Upcoming Classes list
  • Inclusion in monthly "Upcoming Classes" eNews, sent to HSCG members and non-members who opt-in to receive the eNews.
  • Special coupon code to give students for $20 off membership or certification (which will automatically give credit to the teacher for the referral)
  • HSCG will supply special logo'ed items to give students.
  • Automatic pre-approval as a Proctor for certification testing.
  • Five (5) Golden Soap Bubbles in the HSCG Referral Program for each individual referred that joins the HSCG. (Golden Soap Bubbles can be used for your renewals, insurance, conference, merchandise)
  • Free Conference Ticket if more than 30 referrals join the HSCG members in the preceeding calendar year
  • HSCG will provide raffle, goodie items and certificates for open houses and anniversary parties. (Please call HSCG Office at least 30 days prior)
  • Promotion and information may be placed on collective teacher materials vendor table at conference (even if not present)
  • Social Media spotlights
  • Quadruple Golden Soap Bubbles if a teacher refers a new member who then participates in the HSCG Teacher Program.


In order to qualify for the HSCG Teacher Program, a member must be a Professional Soapmaker Member or a current Company Representative of an HSCG Vendor Member (any Tier level), be certified to the qualifying level and have the required number of teaching hours experience:

Basic Soapmaker Teacher

  • Basic Soapmaker Certification (MP or CP/HP)
  • Minimum 10 hours teaching experience

Advanced Soapmaker Teacher

  • Advanced Soapmaker Certification (MP or CP/HP)
  • Minimum 25 hours teaching experience

Expert Soapmaker Teacher

  • Expert Soapmaker Certification (MP or CP/HP)
  • Minimum 50 hours teaching experience

Master Soapmaker Teacher

  • Master Soapmaker Certification (MP or CP/HP)
  • Minimum 100 hours teaching experience

Insurance Requirement

Every HSCG Teacher must have Professional Liability Coverage through the HSCG insurance or comparable coverage through another company.

Professional Liability Insurance covers professional activities such as teaching, writing books, consulting. It is not included in the basic insurance offered through the HSCG, but IS available as an add-on. If your insurance is provided through a different company, it must include suitable professional liability coverage.