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Bath Bomb Batch Records

Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs…the product you Love & Hate

Have you ever made batch after batch of perfect bombs, then all of the sudden a batch fails?

Why did it happen? What changed? What in the world did I do differently?

The only way to find out what happened is to find out what changed. What differed this time than all the other times. Isn’t this really true with anything that goes south for no reason?

The key is keeping detailed batch records. Then you will be able to see a pattern in your successes as well as failures. I’m going to walk you thru step by step, the what, how, and why of what information needs to be included.

First before you say, “Wow! All I want to do is make some simple bath bombs” …..ask yourself…… “Am I in this to make money or is this just a hobby?” If you intend to make money and want do this for a good long time, know that one day something is going to go off track. And, if the fickle finger of fate has any say……it will be at the most inconvenient time imaginable, and you are going to want to get back on track fast.

The questions below can be put into a simple spreadsheet and then printed out or kept on your computer. We kept similar sheets on everything we made for years. It works. The trick is to make sure you record the information every time:

  • Date and Time?
  • Weather outside?
  • Rain, snow, hot/ humid?
    (Yeah I know, sounds weird but it can be a factor especially if people are coming and going a lot or the area is small and air changes quickly. )
  • Specific name of product?
  • Using what size and type of mold?
  • How many bombs did this batch make?
  • How many batches?
Bath Bomb Gift Box

Dry ingredients, for each list out:

  • Ingredient Name?
  • Amount used?
  • Where and where purchased?

If you buy from different sources this is critical. If you are dealing with pallet loads it is important to mark your bags with batch dates.

  • How stored?
  • Type of container?
  • Were dessicant packs used?

Liquid ingredients, for each list out:

  • Ingredient Name?
  • Amount used? • Liquid colorant? Oil(s)used? Liquid or solid? • Witch Hazel or water used? How much?

Ingredient combining and testing results:

  • How was it mixed, and for how long? (Hand mixer, Kitchen Aid, canoe paddle, etc.)
  • How long did it rest before using?
  • Results of “Clump Test”?
    • Did it stay together when dropped 5” to 6” above mixing container?
    • Whatever method you use to determine the perfect mix, how was it?
    • If the results weren’t good, what did you add to fix it?
  • Results of second “Clump Test”?

Notes on the bombs after they have set:

  • Did they get pimples, flat spots, fall apart, etc?
  • Did they fizz or fizzle out?
  • How long before they were dry enough to package?
Bath Bomb Bowl

We hope this is of help to you BBombers, Fizzicats, Ofizzinadoes, or whatever you go by.

We wish you the best of luck!


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