As additional speakers are confirmed for the 2014 conference, they will be added here.

Funlayo Alabi

Funlayo Alabi, a self described social entrepreneur, is the co-founder and CEO of Shea Radiance, an eco-luxury beauty brand based in Maryland. Her business was born in 2005 while trying to find a natural solution to her young children’s dry and eczema prone skin. She re-discovered shea butter, a natural healing balm sourced from the shea fields in West Africa. Her interest in the efficacy and sustainability of shea butter led her back to Africa where she developed a relationship with the women shea producers. Her connection with the women changed the focus of her business. She realized that shea butter had the potential to change women’s lives by alleviating poverty and providing women with an income to provide for their children.

Funlayo holds a BA in International Business from Howard University and an MBA from Regent University and is a branding and marketing consultant, a product development expert and speaker. A winner of the 2011 HBA sustainable packaging award and the 2012 Bridging the Gap Award for outstanding contributions to the business community. She was also noted as a 2012 Top 100 MBE, honoring minority and women entrepreneurs.

Her company, Shea Radiance has been featured in several notable publications including Essence Magazine, Organic Spa magazine, New Hope magazine, The Baltimore Sun, Massage and Body Work and Beauty Packaging Magazine. Shea Radiance products can be found in select stores such as Target, Whole Foods Markets, Independent Retail Outlets, Pharmacies, Boutiques and Spas.

Funlayo's topic will be Making Sustainability a Key Part of Your Brand Story

Lela Barker

Ten years ago, Lela Barker was a broke and broken single mother living in her parent's spare bedroom. Today, she's the creator and CEO of Bella Lucce (an award-winning, international beauty company), the executive director of a Moroccan-based nonprofit and president of Lucky Break, a small business consulting firm serving the creative community. Lela's expertise lies in distilling complicated business concepts down to their essence. Her books, live events, mentoring programs and digital workshops are packed with practical wisdom and actionable steps to get makers and creatives moving in the right direction.

Lela has been honored to speak at business conferences and industry events from Palm Springs, California to Bamako, Mali. She's taught on cruise ships, in African mud huts and in swanky hotel ballrooms. Her love of travel has brought her to more than thirty countries to source exotic ingredients, teach small business and product formulation workshops, and share her passion with moguls-in-the-making around the globe. Lela has consulted for USAID and sits on the executive board of Bead For Life, a nonprofit working to empower women and combat extreme poverty in Uganda. Her products and personal story have been featured in more than fifty publications worldwide.

Lela believes in girl power, second chances, fab shoes and dark chocolate. She lives in in Columbia, SC with her two teen daughters and her high school sweetheart (it’s a great story!).

Lela will be giving a half-day seminar (optional) on Taking Your Empire to the Next Level: Sales Reps + Trade Shows and also speaking on Decoding the Mystery: A Practical Guide to Product Pricing as part of the Conference presentations.

Jamie Bentley

Jamie's career began in the chemicals industry working for Univar, a major chemical distributor, initially as a sales rep, and ultimately in management, running the commercial side of their distribution center. In 1997 he joined the family business, Stephenson Group, a supplier of specialty chemicals to the rubber, textile and paper recycling business. His role was to try to build and develop a business within the group supplying the personal care industry using raw materials based on natural / organic ingredients and formulations.

He managed to achieve that goal, and Stephenson Personal Care is now around 80% of the overall Group and he is now CEO of the wider company. Stephenson has twice won the Queens Award for Enterprise and Export, and continues to grow and develop based on good chemistry, flexible manufacturing, and innovative products. Stephenson recently signed a deal with New Britain Oils Ltd making them the first personal care product manufacturer worldwide to use Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certified sustainable palm oil to manufacture a soap base that meets RSPO Supply Chain Certification requirements.

Jamie's topic will be Why Being a Social Soapmaker is Important

Marla Bosworth

Marla Bosworth is the CEO and President of Back Porch Soap Company. She launched her company in 1998 near Boston and recently moved out West to open her flagship retail store and beauty business retreat center where she teaches entrepreneurial workshops in the mountain resort town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.Her company retails, wholesales and offers private label bath and body products to resorts, boutiques and upscale stores worldwide.

Marla conducts seminars on to formulate soaps and other natural skincare products as well as how to launch and grow a beauty business. She is a beauty business consultant and has gained a loyal following of entrepreneurs who travel worldwide to take her classes in New York City, Boston, California and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. In addition, she is the author of many ebooks and DVDs, and leads workshops at prestigious venues such as the New York Botanical Garden and has taught as a guest instructor for Wellesley College. Marla is a columnist for The Saponifier Magazine and writes for several industry publications.

In January 2013 she traveled to Haiti with a colleague in the soap and cosmetic making industry to teach an eager group of women how to start a soap or cosmetic business. She continues to support the efforts of the OFEDA women and plans to return to Haiti soon to further assist them and their business.

Marla's topic will be Formulating Fantastic Body Scrubs & Whipped Butters

Kenna Cote

Kenna is the Chief Saponifier of Amathia Soapworks (www.amathiasoapworks.com), a vegan soap company in Kansas. Kenna started soaping as a hobby in 2004, but the addictive nature of soapmaking quickly took over. Her company was born in 2011, and provides an outlet for her passion for soapmaking. Her first completed e-book, Efficiency in Scaling: Introduction to Masterbatching, covers the basics of masterbatching for larger scale production. She has also contributed to The Saponifier, The Soap Queen Blog, and various other soapmaking information outlets. She continues her quest to support and share with fellow soapmakers by teaching classes around the Kansas City metro area, as well as online, providing consulting services for fellow soapmakers. She speaks at various industry workshops and is writing exclusive content for her blog and upcoming e-book publications.

Kenna's will be giving a half-day seminar titled Scaling Production & Masterbatching: Brave the Fire

Kevin Dunn

Kevin Dunn is the Elliott Professor of Chemistry at Hampden-Sydney College. His book, Caveman Chemistry, brought him to the attention of handcrafted soapmakers and because of this he has undertaken a series of research projects on the chemistry of handcrafted soap. This research culminated in a second book, Scientific Soapmaking, which was published the Spring of 2010.

Professor Dunn has appeared on the Learning Channels "Mysteries of Magic" and the History Channel's "Modern Marvels".

Kevin's topic will be Protein in Handcrafted Soap

Ruth Esteves

Ruth Esteves started making soap in 2006 for fun, never dreaming that what she was really doing was starting a new career. The ability to express creativity in such a practical way was irresistible. And as it turned out, her Master’s degree in Cell Biology even came in handy as she realized that so much about cold process soapmaking was simple chemistry. Ruth is now a co-owner of The Nova Studio, where she teaches soapmaking classes, and of Sirona Springs Handmade Soap, which she founded in 2008. Her time is happily split between making, teaching and writing about soap and soapmaking, including her recently self-published eBook, Coloring Soap Naturally.

Ruth's topic will be Testing Natural Colors in Your CP Soap

Marie Gale

Marie a soapmaker, long-time supporter of the HSCG and the author of four books including Soap and Cosmetic Labeling and Good Manufacturing Practices for Soap and Cosmetic Handcrafters and enjoys helping other soap and cosmetic handcrafters understand the regulations.


Marie speaks regularly about both soap and cosmetic labeling and GMP, and posts current information and articles on both labeling and GMP on her blog. Marie lives in Oregon on her family's timber ranch with the man in her life, two horses, two dogs, two cats and numerous chickens.

Marie's topic will be Getting Started With Your Record-keeping and GMP

Joan McCoy

Joan McCoy is a crafter who began making bath and body products in 2004. It all started when she pruned the lavender bush in her backyard and made sachets for her family and friends. Soap and other bath products soon followed and there's been no turning back since! Joan has sold her products at craft shows during the holiday season and at an artist's cooperative boutique. Joan has a B.S. in Geology and has worked as an environmental engineer for the past 20 years. Her attention to detail and love for research were a great fit when she began making bath and body products and had to figure out how to package them! For the last five years, Joan has been teaching a class on packaging bath and body products at The Nova Studio in Point Richmond, CA.

Joan will be presenting a half-day seminar (optional) on Packaging Your Bath and Body Products and also giving a shorter version of Packaging as part of the Conference presentations.

Catherine McGinnis

Catherine McGinnis is the owner of www.Soaping101.com. She earned her MBA, Summa Cum Laude from MSU. With a background in marketing/economics and a keen eye for design, soapmaking was a perfect fit. She founded newt+fig Soap Company which soon gained a faithful following and led to requests for video tutorials. She now helps soapmakers sharpen their skills with tips, tricks and techniques through free weekly online classes via YouTube. Catherine’s videos can be viewed at www.Soaping101.com

Catherine's will be giving a half-day seminar (optional) titled Cold Process Soapmaking Intensive Class

Kerri Mixon

Kerri Mixon is a 16th generation soapmaker and is the owner of Pallas Athene Soap (founded 2000), Pandora’s Artistic Soap (founded 2009), Certified Lye (founded 2005), Ace Soap Molds (founded 2009), and the A+ Soapmaking Studio (founded 2008). Eight full- and part-time employees currently run the businesses she has founded.

For five years, she worked more than 80 hours per week managing the Business Education Department of a college in Fresno, while also teaching at the same college. After studying Organizational Leadership at Chapman University, she completed specialized training in Nutrition, Herbology, and Aromatherapy and currently teaches more than a dozen soapmaking and business classes at the A+ Soapmaking Studio and the Modern Soapmaking class at Cuyamaca College, both in San Diego, California.

Passionate about teaching practical soapmaking technology, Kerri is thrilled to be presenting 2 different lecture topics in Tucson: Comprehensive Color and Scent for Soap and Cosmetics and Making Transparent Cold/Hot Process Soap

Lori Nova Endres

After obtaining a Master's Degree in Speech Communication in 2000, Lori Nova Endres began making natural bath & body products in her kitchen as a way to make family & friends homemade, practical gifts. Shortly thereafter she began teaching classes, combining a passion for this new hobby with her training & love for teaching. In 2003, Lori opened The Nova Studio, a full-time brick & mortar class facility in Point Richmond, CA (in the San Francisco Bay Area) to teach people how to make natural soap & bath/body products. Just this year (a full decade later!), she partnered with Studio Manager Cassie Durant & Nova Teacher Ruth Esteves to form The Nova Studio, LLC.

Lori has been a proud member of the HSCG since 2005, and has taught at 3 past conferences. After missing the last few to have & enjoy her baby boy Sammy, she is thrilled to be back. She can’t wait to see all her soapy friends & teach one of her favorite topics, Natural Perfumery.

Lori's topic will be Making Natural Perfume & Cologne 101

Erica Pence

Erica Pence is a soapmaker, teacher, author, and blogger. She is the founder and CEO of Bath Alchemy Lab providing soap, bath & body, and candle making classes, and The Bonnie Bath Co., her own line of natural bath and body products. She is author of the blog, Bath Alchemy, where she provides information for those in the bath and body industry. She has recently founded Soap for a Cause, through which money is raised for various small charities with each bar of soap sold. Erica is a columnist for The Saponifier magazine. She holds a BA in Education, and combines her love for teaching and researching with her passion for soapmaking. Erica is a native Floridian, who now resides in North Carolina with her husband, daughter, 2 dogs, and an old cat.

Eric's topic will be Create Amazing Scenery in your Soaps

Holly Port

Holly Port, of Lotion Bar Café, is a soap maker who lives in Colorado Springs, CO. She is the mother of two teenage boys and has been married to her official soap making assistant for 20 years. Holly has been making soap for seven years and enjoys selling at farmers markets, local craft shows and in stores. Each year she hosts a Handmade Hollyday from her home that showcases other local women artists. She is passionate about helping others build their businesses.

When Holly started Lotion Bar Café, bath bombs, or bath fizzies (as she prefers to call them) were her nemesis. They crumbled, cracked, grew and failed, or would not stick together; eventually however, she concocted a method that worked. Now Holly makes over 2,000 bath bombs/fizzies in a day! She also travels to different states to make and test batches in varied climates. Moreover, Holly will soon be introducing her first book, Mastering the Bath Bomb.

Holly's topic will be Mastering the Bath Bomb

Dave Purdue

Dave Purdue of Purdue Law Offices, LLC., is a trademark attorney in Toledo, Ohio. His father, John, founded Purdue Law Offices in 1984, and they practiced together until 2009. Dave is also a registered patent attorney like his father. Purdue Law Offices represents individuals and companies in the United States in connection with selecting, clearing, registering, and enforcing their trademarks domestically and globally. Purdue Law Offices also represents many clients located outside of the United States in connection with their trademark portfolios in the United States. Several law firms in Germany rely on Purdue Law Offices to represent their clients' trademarks in the United States. Dave represents clients involved in many different industries including food, alcohol, personal care products, aerospace, film, investment, and cosmetics.

Dave earned a degree in Engineering from the University of Michigan and graduated from the University of Toledo College of Law in 1983. He was admitted to the Ohio Bar in 1983 and became a registered patent attorney in 1984. He provides pro bono services to entrepreneurs through Assets Toledo, Advocates for Basic Legal Equality, and the Ask a Patent, Copyright and Trademark Attorney program at the Toledo Lucas County Public Library. Dave enjoys spending time with his family and fishing in the Maumee River searching for the elusive small mouth bass that swim there. A bad day of fishing beats a good day at the office.

Dave's topic will be Trademarks and Branding – Make your Mark!

Christina Rose

Christy Rose is the owner and creative director of KBShimmer Bath and Body. Christy earned her bachelor degree at the University of Minnesota and used those skills along with her love of color and beauty products to found KBShimmer in 2008. KBShimmer has flourished into business that not only supports her, but the families of a small but dedicated team. KBShimmer currently offers soap, bath bombs, lotions and nail polish, all of which Christy still makes by hand.

The KBShimmer nail polish line has been featured in Nail It! Magazine, Nail Pro Magazine, and Nail It! Online Magazine. Christy’s products can be found on several major nail polish, lifestyle and fashion blogs including Gurl.com and Temptalia.com. Her soap swirling has been featured in the Saponifier, on Brambleberry.com, and in her YouTube soap tutorials, which have been viewed almost 10 million times.

When not covered in glitter from polish making, Christy spends time in her Indiana home with her husband and 9 year old daughter. She is an avid reader, loving books with a supernatural twist. Christy also enjoys traveling throughout the US, baking and biweekly pedicures with her daughter.

Christina's topic will be Nailing New Trends: An Intro to Handmade Nail Polish

Charlene Simon

Charlene Simon is the stick-blender wielding creator behind Bathhouse Soapery, a chic handmade bath and body boutique in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Bathhouse puts a mod spin on traditional soaping. Charlene has been making soap from scratch since the late 90's and is a Certified Cold Process, Hot Process and M&P Soapmaker through the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild.

Charlene is all about adding a bit of moxie to her soapmaking, creating soaps with ingredients most wouldn't think to use. She is a self proclaimed exfoliation buff and especially loves a good scrubby soap.

She is equally as funky in her passions in entrepreneurialism. Soon after opening Bathhouse Soapery's first brick & mortar store in 2008 she opened Fat Bottomed Girl's Cupcake Shoppe right next door. Her unconventional business ideas have led to both retail stores being filmed for national television. Check her out on Food Network's Cupcake Wars and on the Discovery Channel!

Charlene is currently working on the build out of a sleek olive oil and vinegar retail shop, which are all the rage, and a fashionable, euro-inspired furniture and home accessory store, both to open in mid 2014. When she's not stirring in soap or cupcakes, she drag races and raises 3 astonishingly awesome teenagers with her BFF, sailing buddy and husband, Justin.

Charlene's topics will be Exfoliants in Soap and From Gel Phase to Sell Phase

Jackie Thompson

Jackie began making soap in 1998 and formed Gaily Rebecca Soaps with daughter Gaily to control a growing inventory and continue her passion of soapmaking. In 2000, she branched out from cold process to liquid soap and has been trying to tame its temperamental nature over the course of her soapmaking career! After finally achieving satisfactory results and making new discoveries in the handcrafted liquid soapmaking field, Jackie has decided to share her insights and inroads in her upcoming book Liquid Soapmaking.

Jackie is an avid supporter of the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild. A member since December, 2000, she has attended every conference since the 2001 conference in Virginia Beach and has been a speaker on several of those occasions. She has served as a member and officer of the HSCG Board of Directors and is currently serving on the Policies, Procedures and Bylaws Committee and Certification Committee. Jackie is very proud and honored to have been voted a Lifetime Honorary Member of the HSCG.

Jackie will be presenting two Advanced Liquid Soapmaking topics, Soap Gels and Jellies and Neutralizing Liquid Soap