HSCG Teacher Program

The HSCG Teacher Program offers a valuable opportunity to expand your audience when promoting classes and instructional opportunities through the HSCG website, social channels, monthly newsletters and annual conferences. HSCG Teachers are also searchable by class type and location, making it easier to connect with local students or those searching for specific expertise.

In turn, the Teacher Program helps HSCG promote the highest standards in handcrafted soap, cosmetic and candle making by offering instruction by certified, experienced professionals.

Teacher benefits include:

  • Special recognition in the Makers Marketplace
  • Headshot and bio included with all class listings
  • Use of HSCG Teacher logo on personal website, social media and marketing materials.
  • Sharing classes on website, social media and in monthly eNews (members and non-member list)
  • 20% discount on HSCG membership if using the teacher's referral code.
  • Free admission to Annual Conference for referring 30 new HSCG members in the previous calendar year
  • Option to provide raffle and swag items for any HSCG events
  • Special promotion opportunity at Annual Conference vendor table
  • Social Media spotlights
  • 4X Golden Soap Bubbles if a teacher refers a new member who then participates in the HSCG Teacher Program.
  • 10 Golden Soap Bubbles in the HSCG Referral Program for each individual referred that joins the HSCG. (Golden Soap Bubbles can be used for your renewals, insurance, conference, merchandise)


To qualify for the HSCG Teacher Program you must:

  1. Be a Professional Member of HSCG
  2. Attain HSCG Certification (Basic level or above) for any of the certification tracks
  3. Complete the minimum number of teaching hours by level (see chart below)

Teaching Levels

There are four levels that teachers can attain: Basic, Advanced, Expert, and Master.

Please see the table below for the requirements for each level. There is no additional cost to participate in the Teacher Program, beyond the initial certification fee.

Basic Level Teacher
  • Basic Certification 1
  • 10 hours teaching experience 2
  • Professional Liability Insurance 3
  • HSCG Professional Member
Advanced Level Teacher
  • Advanced Certification 1
  • 25 hours teaching experience 2
  • Professional Liability Insurance 3
  • HSCG Professional Member
Expert Level Teacher
  • Expert Certification 1
  • 50 hours teaching experience 2
  • Professional Liability Insurance 3
  • HSCG Professional Member
Master Level Teacher
  • Master Certification 1
  • 100 hours teaching experience 2
  • Professional Liability Insurance 3
  • HSCG Professional Member
1 Certification must be achieved in all disciplines taught (CP/HP, MP or Cosmetics).
2 Teaching time must be documented on the application form.
3 Professional Liability Insurance covers professional activities such as teaching, writing books, consulting. It is not included in the basic insurance offered through the HSCG, but IS available as an add-on. If your insurance is provided through a different company, you must provide proof of professional liability coverage.

Application Process

We invite you to join our team of HSCG Teachers. Please complete the Application Form and return via:


Fax: (518) 306-6935

Mail: Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild, 184 Edie Rd Ste A, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

You will receive confirmation when your application is received and approved. You can then set up your Teacher Listing and classes.

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