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The Handmade Soap and Cosmetic Guild is committed to providing the best value and service to our members.

We offer several membership options to best meet your needs:

Novice Handcrafter


Individuals who make soap, cosmetics and/or candles, but do not yet market or sell to the public. Please note: insurance coverage is not available at this membership level.

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Designed for those just learning their craft, and are not yet selling to the public, this affordable membership allows you to take advantage of all that the HSCG has to offer.

From the full HSCG Resource Center to monthly product discounts, the Novice Membership pays for itself quickly. It includes all member benefits, except those related to marketing and selling handcrafted soap, cosmetics and candles via the HSCG Member Marketplace.

Benefits include:

  • Insurance
  • Product & Service Discounts
  • Advanced Lye Calculator
  • Annual Conference Discount
  • Full access to Resource Center
  • E-news, brochure and HSCG member badge

Note: Novice Memberships are limited to five (5) years, then transition to Professional Membership status. Novice members may vote and serve on HSCG committees but cannot hold office.

Professional Handcrafter

$200/year (plus insurance, if purchased)

Companies who make handcrafted soap, cosmetics and/or candles and market them to the public.

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For companies who sell handcrafted soap, cosmetics and/or candles to the public, this affordable membership pays for itself with access to insurance coverage, product discounts and the opportunity to create a listing for your business right on the HSCG website. Members at this level are also able to fulfill custom product requests that consumers make through the HSCG site.

Product and general liability insurance can be added to this level of membership for as low as $275 + membership dues. See the Insurance FAQ and Insurance Comparison Chart for more details. Canadian Members can purchase insurance directly through our Canadian Partners. See the Canadian Insurance FAQ for more details.

Benefits include:

  • Access to affordable insurance options for a discounted fee
  • Optional inclusion in the HSCG Maker Marketplace
  • Custom request opportunities
  • Product and service discounts through HSCG Vendor Members and partners
  • Advanced lye calculator
  • Annual Conference registration discount
  • Full access to the Resource Center

Associate Professional Handcrafter

$50.00 per Associate Member, per membership term

Exclusively for Professional Handcrafter Members, for those who would like to add employee access to their membership.

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In 2022, the HSCG Membership voted to add Associate Memberships; these memberships are only available for Professional Handcrafter Members, and are meant for employees or business affiliates of the Professional Handcrafter Members.

Associate Memberships have all of the benefits of a Professional Membership, except voting rights. Associate Members are able to update listings, access supplier discounts, and answer special requests on behalf of their affiliated Professional Handcrafter Member. Professional Members may have up to five (5) Associate Memberships at a time.

Pricing and Terms

Associate Members are $50 per membership. These memberships are non-transferrable and expire when the affiliated Professional Membership expired. Associate Memberships are not prorated; meaning, whether a Professional Member purchases an Associate Membership at the start of the Professional Membership or mid-way through, the price will remain the same. The responsible Professional Member has the ability to purchase, renew or deactivate an Associate Membership at any time. No refunds/credits in partial or in full will be granted if an Associate Membership is deactivated prior to the expiration date of the Professional Membership. Any Certifications held by the Associate Member are non-transferrable and will expire when the Professional Membership expires, if the Professional does not renew the Associate Membership.

Private Label


Businesses who purchase handcrafted soap and/or cosmetics to use or resell under their private label.

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Private Label Membership is for companies that are purchasing handcrafted products to resell under their own label. It also applies to businesses, like inns and spas, that purchase custom handcrafted products to brand and use for guests.

Private Label Members are connected to HSCG’s full membership and able to tap makers to provide private label product. This membership is also a valuable source of communication about trends in the industry.

Benefits include:

  • Insurance
  • Product & Service Discounts
  • Annual Conference Discount
  • Full access to Resource Center
  • E-news , brochure and HSCG member badge
Note: Private Label Members may vote, nominate candidates and serve on HSCG committees but cannot hold office.


Each level offers more benefits and exposure to HSCG members.

Businesses that sell products or services to handcrafters.

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If you are trying to reach handcrafted soap, cosmetic and/or candle makers, the HSCG Vendor Membership offers unparalleled return on investment. Whether you offer raw materials, packaging, equipment, or services, connect with the HSCG’s 3,600 members to expand your customer base and introduce new merchandise. Vendors and supplier also enjoy special promotion and direct access to makers at our Annual Conference.

A Vendor Membership is in the name of the business (not an individual). Representatives of Vendor Member businesses may not serve as the HSCG President or on the Board of Directors as the membership is in the business name. However, they may be involved in specific committees on behalf of their company.

The HSCG offers three tiers of Vendor Membership, based on your size, budget and promotional needs:

Tier 1: $3000/year

Join larger vendors and suppliers seeking to maximize their visibility and reach with the HSCG membership.

Tier 1 Highlights:

  • Platinum Sponsorship designation at the Annual Conference
  • Priority placement in the monthly Vendor eNews

Tier 2: $1500/year

This membership offers medium-sized companies great benefits and visibility.

Tier 2 Highlights:

  • Silver Sponsorship designation at the Annual Conference
  • Ability to create a listing on our Supplies & Services page

Tier 3: $500/year

An affordable option for small or new businesses that serve the handcrafted community.

Tier 3 Highlights:

  • A 25% discount on any sponsorship of the HSCG Annual Conference
  • Ability to submit an ad in the monthly Vendor eNews

In addition to the special benefits outlined above, Vendor Members also take advantage of many benefits offered to all members of the HSCG, such as insurance, shipping discounts and education.

Retired Handcrafter


Individuals who make soap, cosmetics and/or candles, but do not yet market or sell to the public.

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Making handcrafted products is a life-long passion, and we honor those who played a role building our industry. That is why we are proud to offer a special membership for those makers who may have retired from the business but wish to stay active and connected with HSCG and the maker community.

To qualify, the individual must have been an HSCG member at the Professional Level for a minimum of two (2) years and must no longer have a business that sells to the public.

Our Retired Handcrafter members enjoy the same benefits, except those related to marketing and selling soap and cosmetic products. We also welcome them to share their experience, serving on committees or the Board of Directors.

Benefits include:

  • Insurance
  • Product & Service Discounts
  • Advanced Lye Calculator
  • Annual Conference Discount
  • Full access to Resource Center
  • E-news, brochure and HSCG member badge

Take advantage of PayPal Credit® to pay for your membership over time!

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New & Returning Members

Renee Harris
I.E. Spa Indulgences

Adelyana Reyes Castillo
Tierra Soap Co.

Melody Wilkins
Siletz Bay Co

Laura Atkins
RaEssence, LLC

Traci Childress
Bathsheba Body Works Inc.

Donesia St Preux

Alexandra Mason
Soaps Scents & Blessings

Krista Csontos
Wash Ashore Soaps and Sundries

Angie Smith

Stephanie Mowry
Tale of the Snail LLC

Jessie Whitaker
Sister Moon

Taylor Ocacio
Dolly’s Collective

Regina Pauling
The Noble Soapery

Kimberlene Walthall
Cane River Soap Company

Silvia Simpson

Corinne Echols
Rainbow Healing & Apothecary

Stephanie Tuba
Tarabusi Creek

Dale Micherone
My Sweet Soap

Heather Davis Smith
Room Candy Candles, LLC

Diana Thompson
Harmony SoapWorks

Michelle Rutledge
Bees & Blossoms

Gregory Frey
Kokopelli Kreations LLC

Susan E. Moser-Moritz

Rebecca Davey

Kim Hedine
Midnight Oil Soap

Karin Frost-Madrid
Mia's Botanicals & Gifts, LLC

Annie Jenkins

Cierra Dragonetti
Cith Soap

Nancy Knudson
New Day Whole Health

Suzanne Waters
Lather & Fizz Bath Boutique

Joann Rosso
Cloud 9 Naturally

Amber Mackey
Midterm Candles

Jezra More
Western Lavender DBA: Sura Botanicals

Arthur Gersht
Nova Aromas

Gissett Mason
A Scented Adventure, LLC

Claudia Akers
Copper Soap Works

Christene Griffin
Southern Suds

Dara Jaworowicz
Virgo Moon

Jacob Hyten
Blue Elephant Ventures II, LLC

Teresa Owen
Uncorked Cowgirl

Lucille Shissler
Speak of the Sun Studio

Luke Erdody
EBR Beverage Holdings

Alexis Souders
Prospect Harbor Soap Co

Erica McClurkin
Decade's Dream Soap, LLC

Tiffany Leath
Aine's Garden LLC

Sue Kenney-Pfalzer

Cindi Fry
Lily\'s Country Soaps

Monique Hermon
HARMONIA body & Home

Rachel Casamassa

Kevin Galley
Algovita Candle Co.

Susan Penner
SoulDeo Naturals

Deena Sheranko
Deena & Donna

Sherrykwang Glass
Bela Bojee Handmade Soaps

Sally Clark
Trail Light Candles

Melissa Rodriquez-Schaeffer

Rachel Couvrey
Honestly Raw Beauty

Mary Knight-Hall
Tulipan Herbals

Camryn Bowcutt
Chesapeake Antiques & Apothecary

Karen Carpenter
Mystic Hearts Soaps LLC

Jennifer Paredes
Handmade By Jae Lee

April Doyle
CT Valley Soap Company LLC

Perla López Baray
Perla López Baray, LLC

Michelle Deblasio
Wandering Wildflowers

Beth Adams

Julie DeFrancesco
Bending Birch Farm LLC d/b/a Maine Seaside Soap

Naseerah Hutcherson
Abdah Bath & Body Emporium

Emily Turner

Altran Payne
Bell Candle Studio

Imani Varker
Grandeur Lathers LLC

Tiffany Coverly
The Grazing Goat

Dianna Love
Mama Love's Soap

Anny Diaz
Karamelove Scents Co, LLC

Rose Howe
Triple H Homestead, LLC.

Dawn Kurtze
Glow Until Dawn

Cherekiana Adams
Set Apart Scents

Teresa Carothers

Armaity Irani
Ava Glo - Operating as Ava Glo Candle Co.

Kelsey Wolff
Ash & Oak LLC

Tahnee Welch
The Broken Circle Soap Co

Teresa Peters
The Elderberry Mercantile

Anne Cantara
Vicinity LLC

Jennifer Mastin
Wildflower Soapary

Kimberly McEwan
Kim Mazing Luxury Soaps, LLC

Kaitlyn Price
Banana Goat Apothecary

Angelina Medina

Misty Hibbs
Daughters of Alchemy

Robin Henry
The Henry Soap Company LLC

Laura Daly
Madison Soap Company, LLC

Rose Christie
Earth Light Aroma

Maureen Gallagher
Present Day Candles

Sarah Stewart
Rowanwolf Crafts

Carlyn Hurwitz
Pagrana Naturals

Deborah Anderson
LeChic Bath Boutique

Christiana Hudson
Hansen's Craftory

Kathee De Falla
Copper Island Apothecary

Cathy Graham
Two Little Blackbirds, LLC

Silke Uras
Brambly Woods Farm

Dominique Caron
Apoterra Skincare

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