Policy and Procedures

The policies of the HSCG serve guide the governance and operations of the organization. They are carefully reviewed by the Policies, Procedures and Bylaws Committee to ensure compliance and agreement with the HSCG Bylaws as well as applicable state and federal laws and regulations.

o become official, policies must be approved by the Board of Directors. Per the board’s recommendation, significant policies or changes must also approved by the HSCG membership at the Annual Meeting. Current policies are listed below.


Member Pledge

The HSCG Code of Ethics, written as a a member pledge ("A member of the HSCG shall ...")

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Position Statement

Official position statement of the HSCG concerning what is considered "handcrafted"

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Certification Program

Description of the HSCG Certification Program and how it works.

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Facebook Posting Rules

Rules for posting on HSCG Facebook pages and in HSCG Facebook groups.

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Local and Regional Gatherings

How the HSCG supports local and regional gatherings, and the procedures and responsibilities for doing so.

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Member Benefits

Summary of member benefits.

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Member Online Listings

What online listings are available to members, which membership level(s) they apply to, how to submit information and how the information is displayed.

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Teacher Program

Specifications, requirements, procedures and administration of the HSCG Teacher Program.

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Resource Center

Access to the Resource Center on the HSCG Website; content requirements and approval process.

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Referral Program

How the HSCG referral program works.

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Soapers Showcase Hall of Fame

Requirements for and benefits of the Soapers Showcase Hall of Fame

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Board of Directors

Annual Strategy Meeting

Purpose of the Annual Strategy Meeting, what should be accomplished and who attends.

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Ethics / Ethics Procedures

Code of Ethics

Coe of Ethics for HSCG members. Approved by membership.

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Ethics Formal Complaint Form

Form for making a formal ethics complaint.

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Ethics Procedures: Violations of HSCG Code of Ethics

Procedures for reporting and handling ethics complaints against HSCG members.

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Recording of Conference Speakers

Policy on recording speakers at the annual conference.

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Vendor Member Conference Benefits

Benefits for HSCG Vendor Members at the Annual Conference.

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Wait Lists

How wait lists for exclusive or sold out items are administered.

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Administration / Finances

Alcohol Policy

HSCG Policy concerning purchasing alcohol with HSCG funds.

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Conflict of Interest Statement

What a conflict of interest is, and how it is addressed.

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Financial Reporting

Standards for financial reporting to the membership at the Annual Meeting.

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Legal Matters

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy for the HSCG.

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Policy for the protection of whistleblowers and explaining the procedure for investigation and taking action.

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