The HSCG is committed to bringing together handcrafted soap, cosmetic and candles makers to strengthen our industry. In addition to classes, our Annual Conference and Local Chapters, we also share events and gatherings around the country.

Whether learning, socializing, or providing community service, members and non-members are welcome to attend the events listed below. Events are both in-person and online.

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National Soapmaking Day

September 25th, 2022

The last Sunday in September is National Soapmaking Day! Unleash your inner chemist on National Soapmaking Day! Spend the Sunday creating your own handmade soap to celebrate National Soapmaking Day. One way to make soap is from scratch by using sodium hydroxide and melted fats or oils. Another simpler method is to purchase a pre-made "melt and pour" soap base. Whether you're making soap to share for Christmas, to sell at an autumn craft fair, or to use on Global Handwashing Day (October 15th), this is the perfect day to learn a new hobby and honor the early pioneers who regularly made their own soap. National Soapmaking Day is a day to celebrate soapmaking, share soapmaking with the world, and appreciate the people who participate in soapmaking. Activities for Newbies Celebrating National Soapmaking Day: 1. Learn how soap was made historically. 2. Learn how modern soap is made. 3. Make melt and pour soap. 4. Make re-batched soap from existing bars. 5. Make cold process soap. 6. Teach a soapmaking class. 7. Have a soapmaking party. 8. Use #NationalSoapmakingDay in social media. Challenges for More Experienced Soapmakers on National Soapmaking Day: 1. Push yourself to create a first-ever soap by using new colors or advanced decorative techniques. 2. Volunteer to host a soapmaking demonstration for a group of your friends. 3. Invite a soapmaking friend to a fun soap-off challenge to see who can make a better soap or more soap. 4. Make a batch of soap to donate to a non-profit organization in need of soap, such as a women's shelter. 5. Use #NationalSoapmakingDay in social media. Whatever you do on National Soapmaking Day, celebrate soapmaking!

Free SoCal Soapmakers' Luncheon

October 9th, 2022

The SoCal Soapmakers' Luncheon is open to all soapmakers and makers of personal care products, whether professional or novice, whether cold/hot process method or melt-and-pour. The Soapmakers' Luncheon is open to the public and attendance is free, just pay for anything you order from the menu. It is optional to bring business cards and bars of soap to trade with fellow soapmakers and the waitstaff. The venue is Marie Callender's restaurant on Alvarado Road in San Diego from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. No R.S.V.P., just show up. We hope to meet you there! Marie Callender's Restaurant 6950 Alvarado Road San Diego, CA 92120

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