Soapmaker Certification Program

The Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild has developed and implemented a soapmaker certification program. The HSCG undertook this activity to encourage and promote the highest professional standards among HSCG members.

The HSCG Certification Program establishes an industry-wide standard of excellence in soapmaking. Achieving these certifications demonstrates dedication to professional standards and documents the member's soapmaking proficiency. Consumers can have confidence when purchasing handcrafted soap from an HSCG Certified Soapmaker.

Levels of Certification

There are two testing tracks: Cold Process/Hot Process (CP/HP) and Melt and Pour (MP). Each track has three levels of testing: Basic, Advanced, and Master. A soapmaker may pursue certification on one or both tracks at any time.

An HSCG member who has met the requirements for certification at a particular level may display the appropriate "Certified Soapmaker" logo(s) on his/her website, in promotional materials and on product packaging for as long as the membership is in force.

The exams are offered only to HSCG members and are entirely voluntary.

HSCG Members can access complete information on the certification program, including study guides, in the Member Area.