Cut to the Trace eZine

The Cut to the Trace eZine is a quarterly publication of the HSCG. It contains educational articles, association and industry news, and a vendor marketplace.

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Issue 23

(4th Quarter, 2021)

Dealing With Negativity
Do's & Don'ts of Rebranding
5 Ways to Reinvent Yourself
Build a Greener Business
Upgrading Business Equipment

Issue 22

(3rd Quarter, 2021)

Social Scheduling Apps
Avoiding Business Waste
Entrepreneur Well-Being
Apps for Business

Issue 21

(2nd Quarter, 2021)

5 Ways to be Eco-Friendly
Get to Know Joanie Taylor
Make Your Own Shampoo Bar
What is Fair Trade?
Sustainable Packaging
Certification Do's and Don't's

Issue 20

(1st Quarter, 2021)

Influencers: The Biggest Advertising Trend
Get to Know Tracy Heppes
Leveraging Facebook Groups for Your Business
How To Take Great Product Photos on Your Phone
Zoom Certification: 1st Quarter Update

Issue 19

(4th Quarter, 2020)

Profiting From Thinking Outside of the Box
Attracting & Teaching Wary Students
A Sense of Calm
We Are All in This Together
An Update on HSCG Zoom Certification

Issue 18

(3rd Quarter, 2020)

Choosing the Perfect Packaging for Your Lotion
Compliance Check: Cosmetic Labeling
Lotion Additives: Kit it up a Notch
Scallywag's Hand Cream (recipe)

Issue 17

(2nd Quarter, 2020)

Performing a Burn Test
Candle Wax
Creative Adapting
Which Wick Works
Palm Wax Votive Tutorial

Issue 16

(1st Quarter, 2020)

Jewelweed Soap
Brine Detox Soap
The Do's and Don'ts of DOS
Essential Oil vs. Fragrance Oil

Issue 15

(4th Quarter, 2019)

Working with Breweries
Ocean Color Palette
Ocean Depths Seal Salt Scrub
Takin' Care of Business
Sustainable Business

Issue 14

(3rd Quarter, 2019)

5 Ways to Scale Up
Wholesale for Beginners
Are You Ready for Wholesale?
Wholesale vs Consignment

Issue 13

(2nd Quarter, 2019)

24k Gold in Skincare
Luxury in Branding & Packaging
Upgrade Your Products

Issue 12

(1st Quarter, 2019)

Baraka Shea Butter
Calculating Lye Quantities
Bath Salts

Issue 11

(4th Quarter, 2018)

Surviving Craft Show Season
Crystal Clear Geode Bath Bombs
Clear Spray Recipe
Clearly, Water & Heat Matter
M&P Soap is Clearly on Trend

Issue 10

(3rd Quarter, 2018)

INCI Defined: The Full Story
African Black Soap
Meadowfoam and Daikon Seed
Your Window to the Marketplace

Issue 9

(2nd Quarter, 2018)

The History of Laundry Soap
My First Bath Bomb
Certification; Why it Matters)
Why Safety is Everyone's Job
Videos - The Next Big Thing

Issue 8

(1st Quarter, 2018)

Designing a Website for Your Brand
Add-On Products
Design for Your Brand
When Social Media Hurts Your Business

Issue 7

(4th Quarter, 2017)

Ins & Outs of Masterbatching
New Product Development
Tax Time is Coming!
Website Inspection
New Year Checklist

Issue 6

(3rd Quarter, 2017)

All About Lavender EO
A Guide to Selecting Shrink Wrap Film
Professionalism in Business
Private Labeling

Issue 5

(2nd Quarter, 2017)

Base Oils
Shampoo Bars
Handling Negative Feedback
Color Additives
GMP: Lot Numbers

Issue 4

(1st Quarter, 2017)

Winter Shower Steamers
Honesty in Advertising
Wine Soap
Batch Numbers

Issue 3

(4th Quarter, 2016)

The Making of a Soy Candle
Essential vs. Fixed Oils
Emulsified Scrubs
Navigating Craft Shows
Defeating Soap Gremlins

Issue 2

(3rd Quarter, 2016)

Product Label Requirements
Certification and Accreditation
Creating an Emulsion

Issue 1

(2nd Quarter, 2016)

Bath Bomb Records
Natural Alternatives to CP Soap?
Lactic Acid & AHA's in Cosmetics
Preventing Microbial Contamination