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Woozey Acres, LLC

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12348 Michigan Ave
Roseland, LA 70456 United States

Contact: Evan Wootan
Phone: 9855170744

At WooZey Acres we are committed to providing our customers with premium handmade bath products. This is why we focus on quality because what good is it to spend all that time on making an "ornamental soap" when it is just going to end up going down the drain? So you may see some variation in design or color with our products, but the quality will always be there. All of our soaps, shampoos, and milk baths are made with goat milk which adds more incredible benefits to the numerous benefits from the premium oils we use. I would like to mention that the ingredients in all of our products have been shown to be great for anyone with skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and acne. They do not contain the harsh detergents that most commercial brands use that ultimately dry your skin out and make these skin conditions worse. This also makes for a far superior moisturizing bar of soap in our opinion. In addition to our premium ingredients we also produce everything (soaps, bath bombs, milk baths, lip balm...) in small batches. This is to ensure better quality and consistency in our products. You will also notice a "lot" number on all of our products. This "lot" number tells us when it was made and we can reference that back to the ingredient sheet which tells us everything that was used in that particular product on the day it was made. These are just a couple of the value-added ideas we use to help ensure your total satisfaction and to set us apart from our competitors. It is also important that we know what you want and what you like. After all, you are the reason we started this business. Know that we value your input. That includes the good, the bad and the ugly. We truly do appreciate you stopping by and hope that you will give us the opportunity to prove to you that our products are top quality and that we take great pride in your satisfaction. We look forward to building a long and lasting relationship with you.

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Woozey Acres, LLC

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Woozey Acres, LLC

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