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Herb Garden Naturals

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Stony Creek, CT 06405 United States

Contact: Carole Barber
Phone: 203.885.7627

In 2019, we added a solar array to the property.  Four poles rise thirty feet in the air, each supporting 15 panels.  With all that sun now, we have installed a tiered lavender garden with plants of five different species.  This is an organic venture, of course, and we also grow comfrey, chamomile and calendula in the sun, with goldenseal, ginseng, valerian and cohosh in the shady places of this eastern forest habitat. Welcome to Rock and Root Farm, home of Herb Garden Naturals. 

Our base oils still come from other places - sustainably harvested, fair trade and organic coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, shea butter, cocoa butters and many other important plant oils.  We use herbs, oats, mineral pigments, clay, goat milk (from Olympia Farm in Guilford) and other naturally abundant materials in our products.

Back in 2008 we started by making soaps and soon found ourselves making creams for all types of skin, waterless skin therapies, scented oils and lip balms.  Our Jewelweed Juice treatments for poison ivy are as popular as our Bug Me Not skin sprays.

We believe that healthy living starts with abundant fresh air, a good connection to the earth and the natural world, regular exercise and smart food choices. Healthy living includes petro-chemical-free skin care like our natural cold-processed soaps, creams, serums and herbal remedies.  Remember that if you can't pronounce the ingredients on the bottle - if its not just a Latin name for a common plant - you might not want to contaminate your body with it.

Here's to a cleaner, healthier world filled with cleaner, healthier people!

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