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Sweet Home Soaps

Contact Information

229 Grande View Lane
Alabaster, AL 35114 United States

Contact: Mandy Welch
Phone: 2053700617

What makes handmade soaps from Sweet Home Soaps different from other handmade soap vendors? Ingredients. What you put on your skin matters. I use aloe juice and milks as a replacement for the water in my recipe. I use a large portion of conditioning oils and butters (20% butters for most recipes). The butters I use are high quality, organic in most instances, and less refined to retain the wonderful properties of each. I use enough coconut oil to lend a nice lather, but not so much that it strips your skin of natural oils. I use a higher than average superfat to further balance my bar. I utilize luxurious additives like real cruelty-free Tussah silk and/or colloidal oatmeal to elevate my bar. Because I do not participate in markets or shows, I have to rely on the internet to sell my soaps. When you shop online, you shop with your eyes. That's why my designs are eye catching, elegant, or "over-the-top." They're still usable soap. They are not complicated to use, they feel good in the hand thanks to the hand-beveling of all the sharp edges, and they don't contain harsh ingredients like sulfates, parabens, or phthalates. Handmade soap is not just for gift-giving, it's for using. Because you're worth it.

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