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Mia's Botanicals & Gifts

Contact Information

7 Avenida Vista Grande STE B7
PMB 239
Santa Fe, NM 87508 United States

Contact: Karin Frost-Madrid
Phone: 855-479-2659

Products/Services Offered

  • Cosmetics

Product Types

  • Body Butters
  • Body Powder
  • Creams
  • Lotions
  • Scrubs & Exfoliants

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Mia’s Botanicals offers a full array of products with a mission to infuse quality aromatherapy into everyday life, to support a balanced more healthful life, in a simple and affordable fashion. Mia’s Botanicals is nestled in the foothills of the mountains in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Where founder, Karin Frost-Madrid a certified holistic aromatherapist, finds her inspiration to create, and innovate.

Flag Ship Services:

Consultation and customized formulation of essential oil blends for our clients are to be used in various methods to provide safe and effective aromatherapy support.


Flag Ship Products:

Along with our traditional products, Mia’s Botanicals has designed a line of custom aromatherapy products specifically for men. We have a strong following of men who have found Mia’s Botanicals a source of quality facial hair and personal care products.  It is clear in the emerging market space that Mia’s has filled a niche for our male clients and provides them with the aromatherapy support that they need and desire!


Proudest Achievements:

Custom Formulations – The Heart and Soul of Mia’s Botanicals:

Our vibrant and complex custom essential oil blends, formulated with expertise and intention separate us from our competitors. Our clients continue to value our ability to formulate blends that touch their heart and spirit.

It is a core value at Mia’s Botanicals to remain connected to Nature. In founder Karin Frost-Madrid’s own words:


As a life-long naturalist, I have always felt the comfort of connectedness with nature. I truly believe we must maintain this connection in order to flourish. This love of nature is what has inspired me to be a life-long student of aromatherapy. I am a professional member of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists, the Alliance of International Aromatherapists, and the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild. I am committed to increasing the knowledge and understanding of aromatherapy and promoting its safe and effective use as well as continuing my own learning of the same. Designing and developing the products at Mia’s Botanicals has been my life’s passion.”

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Mia's Botanicals & Gifts

Mia's Botanicals & Gifts

Mia's Botanicals & Gifts

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Mia's Botanicals & Gifts

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