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Making Soap

Learn about how to make soap, including cold process, hot process, melt & pour and other methods, selecting ingredients and materials, coloring, swirling and design techniques and more.

Cold Process

   R  How to Do a Spoon Swirl in Cold Process Soap

   R  How to Make a 6 Layer Exfoliation Bar

  The Beginner's Guide to Making CP Soap

  My First Cold Process Soap

  How to Make Goat's Milk Soap (Cold Process)

Color, Design & Swirl

   R  Using an Impressionist Technique to Make Unique Soaps

   R  Mica Swirl in Cold Process Soap

  How-To: Pencil Lines

  Color Theory with Clyde Yoshida

  HSCG Snappies: Neutral Colored Two Tone Soap