Benefits: Makers

Handrafter Membership in the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild is open to all individuals who make any kind of handcrafted soap and/or cosmetics at any level. There are several levels of Handcrafter Membership based on whether or not the handcrafter is selling soap to the general public, where the handcrafter is located and if he/she already has insurance coverage.

Benefits for Handcrafter Members are geared toward those things that assist in promoting handcrafted soap, increasing proficiency in the trade, improving business skills, encouraging networking opportunities and providing general exposure for the member's business and products.

As one of the most important benefits, members have the opportunity, through elections, participation and volunteerism, to shape the direction and future of the HSCG and the handcrafted soap industry as a whole.

Certain membership benefits are applicable based on the type of membership. (See the Membership Benefits Chart for more details.)

Product & General Liability Insurance

Applies to: Professional and Private Label Members

General and product liability insurance is available as an add-on to Professional Handcrafter memberships for members residing in the US. Several options are available; price starts at $265. The insurance is effective immediately upon receipt of dues and processing of the membership. See the Insurance FAQ for detailed information about the insurance coverage and options. Canadian Members have the option to purchase product and general liability insurance through our Canadian partners. See the Canadian Insurance FAQ for more details.

Private Label Members: Special group rates for product and general liability insurance have been negotiated for Private Label Members. The insurance is optional, and must be purchased directly from Veracity Insurance Solutions after the membership has been purchased; Private Label insurance is not included as part of the membership dues.

International Members: The member benefit insurance is only available for soap and cosmetic handcrafters within the United States and Canada; for handcrafters from other countries the insurance is excluded from the membership and the membership price adjusted accordingly.

Optional Personal Insurance & Additional Benefits

Applies to: All Members

HSCG members are qualified to purchase additional insurance options for themselves and their families through our partnership with Veracity Insurance Solutions. Each type of additional insurance option addresses a unique situation; the options are:

  • Liability Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Accident Insurance
  • 24/7 Sick Pay Coverage
  • Cancer Insurance
  • Dental & Vision Insurance
  • Health Management Resources
  • Legal Shield

Savings Center

Applies to: All Members

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10% discount on SoapMaker Software

Applies to: All Members

HSCG members receive a 10% discount on any version of SoapMaker Software. The Software, available for Microsoft Windows (7, Vista, XP or 2000), allows you to calculate lye and water for recipes using over 50 types of base oils, calculate costs per batch and bar using your ingredient costs, stores your recipes and organizes them by category, type, date and cost, provides inventory control and more.

Discount on Making Soap Cosmetics & Candles magazine

Applies to: All Members

HSCG members can get a substantial discount on their subscription to Making Soap Cosmetics & Candles magazine - 10% on the print edition and a whopping 45% on the Email (.pdf) version.

Listing in Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Directory

Applies to: Professional Members

Find a Soap/Cosmetic Handcrafter, linked to from the home page, allows handcrafted soap and cosmetic consumers to locate HSCG members by company name, state, country or product type. Listings include the company name, website, city-state-zip, a brief description, and an image (if any have been submitted). There is a "More Info" link which takes the visitor to a detail page displaying more information and contact information for the member.

Image in Soap and/or Cosmetic Gallery

Applies to: Professional Members

The Soap and Cosmetic Galleries display images of soap and cosmetics handcrafted by Professional members. All images are linked to the Member's Find a Soap/Cosmetic Handcrafter listing and are displayed whenever the member's listing is shown. Gallery images also used at various places on the website where pictures of handcrafted soap and/or cosmetics are appropriate. Images are always shuffled and displayed randomly so all images get the same exposure.

Members in the Media

Applies to: Professional Members

Members can submit not only media mentions about their business, but also charitable contributions they have made, in order to make their businesses and community support known to consumers (and Google!).

Store Locator

Applies to: Professional Members

Professional Members of the HSCG have the ability to list brick-and-mortar locations where their products can be found which consumers can search in the Store Locator. The locations are displayed on a Google Map with details on the "pin," including a link to their Online Listing. Locations in the Store Locator can include stores, craft shows, farmers markets and a date range can be specified so that the listing will automatically expire when your products are no longer at that location.

Public Info Requests

Applies to: Professional Members

Within the Consumers Section of the website, there is a form that a website visitors can fill make a special request. Often they ask for handcrafters who can provide a particular type of soap. These "Public Info Requests" are published in the "Members Only" section where Professional Handcrafted members may respond to them directly.

Special Opportunities

Applies to: All Members

From time-to-time the HSCG is able to offers special opportunities to the membership. In the past these have included donations to goodie bags handed out at a large natural products expo and free space in an HSCG booth at wholesale trade shows. Note: These promotional opportunities may be limited to specific memberships, depending on their applicability.

HSCG Certification Program

Applies to: All Handcrafter Members

All members have the option to participate in the HSCG Certification Program. Certified members may use and display the Certified Logo, a nice way to increase customer confidence. Certified members who have a listing in the Soap and Cosmetic Directory have a "certified" icon by their listing.

Use of the Member Badge

Applies to: Professional, All Vendor and Private Label Members

Qualified HSCG Members may used HSCG Member Badge on print, packaging and/or web materials to promote the fact they are a member of the HSCG, thereby increasing customer confidence.

Use of the Why Handcrafted Soap? brochure

Applies to: Professional, All Vendor and Private Label Members

The HSCG has developed and printed a high-quality brochure, Why Handcrafted Soap Cosmetics which explains the benefits of handcrafted soap and contains beautiful pictures. It is available to members for download for free or to purchase at a very nominal fee (about at cost). There is a space to add contact information and personalize the brochure.

HSCG Teacher Program

Applies to: Professional Members

Professional members who have achieved an HSCG Soapmaker Certification level and who have experience teaching soapmaking may apply to participate in the HSCG Teacher Program. HSCG teacher members may use and display the HSCG Teacher Logo, include a listing on the Find a Soapmaker Teacher pages and list upcoming classes on the Find Classes page.

Class Listings

Applies to: Professional and Vendor Tier 1 Members

Professional members who have been approved as HSCG Teachers and Tier 1 Vendor Members may list upcoming classes on the Find Classes page.

All Content of the How-To Library

Applies to: All Members

HSCG members have access to all of the content of the How-To library automatically as part of their membership.  

Annual Conference Registration Discount

Applies to: All Members

Every year the HSCG has an Annual Conference. It is 3 days, filled with classes and presentations on a wide array of topics pertinent to soapmaking (including actual soapmaking demonstration and how-to sessions). Conference attendance is open to both members and non-members.

Members receive a discount on the registration fee for themselves and up to three additional business associates.

Vendor Tier 1 Members receive FREE conference registration for two (2) of their staff to attend the conference (non-transferable).

Vendor Tier 2 Members receive FREE conference registration for one (1) of their staff to attend the conference (non-transferable).

Advanced Lye Calculator

Applies to: All Members

The HSCG Lye Calculator included in the How-To Library. Unlike other lye calculators, the HSCG Lye Calculator shows the exact SAP value being used in calculations. Registered Users have the option to specify the SAP value to be used for any oil or ingredient. Members may save recipes.


Applies to: All Members

eNews issues are sent by email to members to keep them up-to-date on news and activities of the HSCG, including legislation and other matters of interest.

Monthly Vendor Specials eNews

Applies to: All Members

The Vendor Specials eNews is sent out monthly and contains the current month's specials submitted by HSCG Vendor members.

Referral Program

Applies to: All Members

Members receive credits (called "Golden Bubbles") when they refer other soap and cosmetic handcrafters or vendors to join the HSCG. Golden Bubbles may be used toward membership dues, conference registration, advertising or HSCG merchandise.

Right to Serve on a Committee

Applies to: All Members

All members have the right to volunteer and to serve on a Committee if they so choose.

Right to Nominate Candidates

Applies to: All Members

All members have the right to nominate candidates for the offices of President and Board of Directors Member.

Right to Vote

Applies to: All Members

The HSCG Annual Membership Meeting is held during the Annual Conference every year. All members may attend (whether or not they are attending the conference) and any member present at the Annual Meeting has the right to vote on issues presented at the meeting. All members have the right to vote in ballots sent by mail. For all votes, each Vendor Membership may cast only one vote, which must be by the designated owner or representative.

Right to Serve on the Board of Directors

Applies to: Professional and Retired Members

The Board of Directors are elected at the Annual Meeting and serve for two year (staggered) terms. Professional or Retired Handcrafter members may serve on the Board of Directors so long as they will have been a member for one year upon taking office (July 1st after the election).

Right to Serve as President

Applies to: Professional and Retired Members

The President is elected at the Annual Meeting in odd-numbered years and serves for two year term. A Professional or Retired Soapmaker may serve as President so long as he/she will have been a member for one year upon taking office (July 1st after the election).

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