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Certified Lye

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PO Box 133
Spring Valley, CA 91976 United States

Contact: David Perez
Phone: (619) 668-1435

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Certified Lye specializes in soapmaking chemicals, such as food grade sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, potassium carbonate, phenolphthalein, and protective equipment—all shipped fast by air throughout the United States and territories.

Upcoming Classes

Beginning Cold Process Soapmaking

Company: Certified Lye

San Diego, CA

Date & Time: By Appointment

Soapmaking 101 is a beginning soapmaking class to teach students to make soap by hand at home. After learning soapmaking safety, students learn to formulate soap recipes and calculate lye quantities without using a "lye calculator." The objective of this class is to have students understand saponification values and be comfortable creating their own soap recipes at home. Students make cold process soap during the class session and take home a bar. Attend in person or online.

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