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Creating an Emulsion

Ingredients And Product

An emulsion is comprised of little droplets of one phase surrounded by another. A stable emulsion will make a good lotion or cream. Most formulas require- a secondary emulsifier to create stable emulsions that won’t separate over time. When you use PhytoMulse Line of products you will not need a secondary emulsifier.
Lotions and Creams have 3 components:

  • Water
  • Oil
  • Emulsifying Agent which allows them to combine.

Most formulations have Phases (Oil Phase, Water Phase, Final Phase/Cooling Phase):

  • The “Oil Phase” includes all the oil-soluble ingredients.
  • The “Water Phase” includes all the water- soluble ingredients
  • Final phase” consists of all the ingredients you would add after the emulsion has cooled to 50º C or less.

Basic Guidelines when making an emulsion:

  • Emulsifiers 5-8%of the formula
  • Oils 12-20% of the formula
  • Water, Additives, and Botanicals to up to 70-90%.
  • Formula always should equal 100%

Formulas with less emulsifier and more water are generally lotions. Higher levels of oils and emulsifiers and less water are generally creams.

This is a photo of the sample emulsion formulation listed below

For beginners, we recommend you use a minimum of ingredients until you know how you would like your formula to be. Any botanicals, actives, Fragrances, Essential Oils, are mixed in last when your lotion or cream has cooled.

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Sample Formulation


Phase 1: In main beaker, charge water and begin propeller mixing. A vortex should form. Add Phytofuse Renew™ into the vortex and stir until completely dispersed. Add Glycerin and FSS Pisum Sativum Peptide individually, allowing complete dispersion between additions. Heat to 82° C and mix until uniform.

Phase 2: In a separate beaker, charge Mineral Oil and being propeller mixing. A vortex should form. Add PhytoMulse™ Cetyl Alcohol and AcquaSeal® Coconut individually, allowing complete dispersion between additions. Heat to 80° C and mix until uniform. Add Phase II to Phase I, continue mixing until homogenous.

Phase 3: Begin cooling to below 35° C. Add Leucidal0 Liquid SF and AMTicide® Coconut until complete dispersion. Check pH and adjust to 4.5 - 5.0 with Citric Acid {50%) or NaOH (25%).


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